Jerry Lawler opens the special pitching to a recap of the first round. Michael Cole, Jerry the King Lawler and JBL on commentary.

They did interviews with Adrian Neville and Sheamus talking before their match

Adrian Neville defeats Sheamus following a distraction from Dolph Ziggler

Dolph would then attack Sheamus.

Interviews with Bad News Barrett and Truth are done

Bad News Barrett defeats R-Truth with The Bull Hammer

WWE shows a memorial package on Verne Gagne who the special is dedicated to. Jerry Lawler says some kind words.

Renée Young interviews Dolph about interfering in the Sheamus/Neville semi final match. Dolph says he just can’t take Sheamus bullying anymore. He says the Celtic Warrior didn’t have to worry about kissing his ass he’s just going to kick it.

Bad News Barrett is interviewed about leaving Neville again following the loss at Extreme Rules. He said it’s unfair that he has to face Neville right after beating truth but it’s also unfair to Neville because he’s going to destroy them with a Bull Hammer.

Bad News Barrett defeats Neville with a Bull Hammer to become the new 2015 King Of the Ring.

After the match, Barrett gets the crown, the robe and gets interviewed by Jerry Lawler. Barrett says finally there is a man with class as King of the WWE and he will rule his kingdom with an iron fist and a Bull Hammer. Pyro goes off.