It’s no secret Survivor Series has had its share of controversies in the past. Decades later, people are still talking about 1997 The Montréal Screw Job with theories and anger towards Mr. McMahon and their overall corporate vision., WWE would try to re-create the outrage of fans at the fall classic with little to no success. However, in 2015 WWE might of actually done it.

As I wrote in my Survivor Series 2015 thoughts, fans were already angry that Sheamus ended the night as WWE champion. As I was writing those words WWE producer Brian James a.k.a. the Road Dogg got a bunch of angry messages from fans unhappy with the ending. The multitime Tag Team Champion would respond the fans taking in the criticism asking them what they would do. He even went so far as to suggest one fan check out alternatives such as Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor. James said that most fans that are complaining about not watching would come back.

Many think the sentiments of James are a sign of WWE’s core problem. Some think they’re not listening to the audience enough and giving them what they want. But I don’t think Road Dogg was wrong in what he said. And I will explain why.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Imagine you’re WWE creative. You have to create seven hours of original content a week, 52 weeks a year, every year. That’s more than any TV show, movie, musician or any other entertainment property.

I know some of you think that’s an excuse. And really it can be a crutch for laziness sometimes. But unless you create again and again, you don’t realize how exhausting that can be. Add this to interpersonal issues with talent, injuries and other backstage issues and their job can be damn near impossible.

But you say, if WWE would just listen to the audience the whole creative process would be a ton easier. Well, let’s just think about that. With the advent of social media the audience is more skewed in different directions than ever before. Fans can’t seem to agree on anything anymore so thinking WWE should know what the fans want is kind of ridiculous when they don’t even know what they want.

Case in point, let’s look back when the WWE World Heavyweight Tournament was announced. Fans theorized who would be in the tournament. Many hoped WWE would bring in past names. Names like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and even Rob Van Dam were brought up to give the tournament prestige. I found this ironic at the time because for years the Internet wrestling event vilified all their part-time talent coming in and taking the spot of the main roster.

As the tournament reached the finals, many fans still do not want Roman Reigns to capture the title because it was predictable. So when Sheamus came out I would imagine fans be happy that Roman did not capture the strap . But now. Instead they complained about the ending making the whole tournament useless.

While I can see some merit in that argument, if you didn’t want Roman where would you go? Would you turn Ambrose? People would’ve hated that too. Sometimes in a job you can’t win for losing. WWE did what they felt they needed to do as they needed a new top heel. This decision rubs him the wrong way and they made the opinions vocal. But here is something that really has me scratching their head.

We are at a point with WWE where we have no John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, or The Rock on top. There are more new faces in prominent positions of the product than ever before. Kevin Owens is the Intercontinental champion and he is still booked stronger than any champion in the last six months. Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Two guys that the Internet has been clamoring for in more prominent roles are there. The divas are getting more athletic by the week. So why now when all the old gripes are not there, are fans still disenfranchised?

It all breaks down to three years ago. Wrestlemania 28. Where the Yes Movement began and Sheamus felt the brunt of the smart fan. The fans begin to unite over Daniel Bryan in just 13 seconds against the Celtic Warrior. This injustice would cause fans to rally together to get behind the former World Heavyweight Champion and begin a movement that would lead him slowly but surely up the card again. This would lead to a corporate authority been created against the fan favorite Daniel Bryan and give a rallying cry to the fan. This reaction was all the more evident at the 2014 Royal Rumble where WWE’s hand-picked main event star would be booed out of the building for winning. This would lead to stronger and stronger fan reactions to get Daniel Bryan in the main event. It worked. The former American Dragon had his storybook ending in New Orleans raising both titles in the air. Fans would realize that their voices were heard an attempt to influence the product even more over the next year. There were many attempts to hijack shows, to show the company that they were in control. The following Royal Rumble was déjà vu to the year before with fans showing their disapproval of Daniel Bryan’s exit. This would damage Roman Reigns build as a single star that he’s just now starting to come back from.

After Daniel Bryan went down to injury, the Internet didn’t have one personality to rally around. But they’ve still tried to make their voices heard. These fans hoped they can enact change again in the product through initiatives with Kevin Owens, the Divas Revolution and more and aren’t exactly happy with the rate of adoption.

The thing is The Yes Movement was one clear voice behind one performer being given a fair shot. Now it seems fans are complaining just for the sake of complaining. Not to say, that there complaints aren’t valid. But when WWE is finally giving you change and you are still complaining, your voice kind of falls on deaf ears to them. They can’t win no matter what they do. So they just ignore the fans altogether. And I can’t say I blame the much considering how some will not be happy regardless. It’s very hard to get through the noise of Internet Wrestling Community BS. Back in the day, it was easy to gauge how character was getting over with the audience. You had a small sample size and a lot less noise to worry about. Now with social media is hard to gauge what is actually working and what really isn’t.

You can’t please everybody. That’s why I agree with Road Dogg, if you don’t like what they’re doing watch something else. There are many options these days. If you’re still sticking around with WWE, try something different. Instead of talking about how much you hated a certain segment. Talk about how much like others. That will give the company a better idea on what you really want. Constructive criticism is a lot better than destructive criticism . I know that is asking a lot of the Internet is a little much but try It. Maybe you’ll think differently about the overall product if you start thinking about what you like instead of what you hate. As the New Day has taught us The Power of Positivity can do wonders even for the wrestling fan.

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