On this week’s edition of the FTPW Podcast, Garvin is joined by Nick and a returning Joe discuss to WWE Survivor Series. Do they feel that the event held up to be one of the Fab four? Are there similarities between Roman Reigns road to the WWE Title and Daniel Bryan? Is WWE trying to make him more vulnerable to relate to the audience? What are their thoughts on the new corporate structure within The Authority?

Nick wonders who’s to blame when it comes to crowd reactions and the baby face don’t really connect. Is it the fault of the talent? Or the booking not getting fans behind these new faces?

What were their impressions on the celebration of Undertaker’s 25 years? Was it an awesome tribute or a burial of the Wyatt family?

And is there collusion of foot in regards to the pay-per-view picks. Is there a Cleveland screw job a foot? Is Sheamus to blame?

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