TLC. For 15 years, wrestling fans has known this acronym to mean Tables Ladders And Chairs. This monumental match featuring mounds of metal and wood left legends and broken bodies in its wake. This stipulation would be graduated to its own WWE event six years ago to varying results. It seems like TLC doesn’t get enough tender loving care to make anything mean something.

Raw opened up with the newly formed League of Nations bragging about how great they are. It seemed like they’re going to have staying power as they have their own graphic, entrance video and music now. I was critical of them last week because it just seemed like something that had major logic holes that WWE had to address. But of course, that did not happen.

Instead, what we got was a showdown of all the four-man teams in the WWE right now. The Wyatt Family, Team Extreme, (The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer and latest member Rhino) , Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and The Usos, and The League of Nations. This led to a very good 16 man Four Way elimination match. The problem being this would lead to us seeing talent I get all throughout the night because WWE kind of blew their load in that opening segment. It seems like this was the plan that should’ve happened going into Survivor Series. And it just felt forced confrontation as opposed to something of two opposing forces clashing. Remember how the build between The Shield and the Wyatt Family was last February? It was a slow build a simmer. These teams have barely been together for three weeks for the most part and now the clashing they are some super groups? I understand WWE is really throwing stuff at the wall but It seems shortsighted to have this happen so early. You could’ve really done something interesting with the Royal Rumble with these factions in place. But I feel like you may not have enough steam to last that long. Especially, The League of Nations.

Why do I say that you may ask? Okay, so let’s look at this from a group standpoint. These guys are supposed to be friends that come together to show how great they are as international talent. Well in the first match the WWE Champion gets beat by his challenger this Sunday clean in the ring. That’s okay to establish the baby face. But considering Roman Reigns already did that on Smackdown in a handicap match.

Shouldn’t the heels of gotten the upper hand? Is there any doubt that Roman Reigns can defeat Sheamus? The ending segment all the more brings that home as Roman destroys the WWE World Heavyweight Champion driving him through a table, hitting him with chairs and ladders. There was no help from The Bulgarian Brute, King Barrett or Alberto during the attack. So why exactly does this group exist? Sure most of the group had their own storylines but Sheamus got destroyed. The point of a faction is to create distance between the champion and his challenger. A line of sight to getting to the target. However that seems to be nonexistent.

Hell, Rusev was portrayed the strongest getting the better of Ryback. Alberto breaks up with Zeb by tripping over a scooter. That’s it. That’s all it took. Trips over a scooter and the new country is all but forgotten. I know they had to get rid of the storyline somehow but this was the lamest way you could possibly do it. But I guess at least it’s over with. And for Wade Barrett doesn’t seem to be getting love as he doesn’t have his own storyline.

Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose seem to be in the same boat as their confrontation is as generic as generic can get. Once again Dean goes back to props to get a reaction. Kevin Owens has a decent match for Dolph Ziggler but I have to ask what does that really do at this point? The same thing with Tyler Breeze you’ve already established that The Show off can beat him so what what are we doing at this point?

The Divas Division got a little bit of personality this week. Charlotte became a carbon copy of her father. On Miz TV, the daughter of the Nature Boy channeled NWA promos saying that she wasn’t afraid of Paige, talking about her change in attitude. I don’t really have a problem with this per se. Because the least she’s got a little bit more pardon the pun flare. However, it’s weird because as of right now other than Becky Lynch there are no faces in the Divas Division. I think this feud is missing someone fans can get behind.

It seems WWE is looking towards Sasha, Naomi and Tamina as the new cool kids but maybe it’s too little too late. I do believe that the group is finally starting to find themselves as personalities. However, I don’t think anyone really wants to see a Bella versus Team Bad feud.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Tag Team Ladder Match will be this Sunday as it could be a show stealer. All these teams are ready to have their moment and this could be it. They have a lot of history to live up to. Hopefully, they can really create their own mark on the match.

The Table Elimination Match will be interesting to see as it’s really a lose lose situation in my opinion. If the Dudleys lose a table match it’ll be another loss in a string of losses. If the Wyatts lose then they will once again prove that they’re not what they say they are compared to 40-year-old hard-core legends. Of sure the match itself will be fine I just don’t see a positive outcome coming out of any of this for either side. And when you book like that it just becomes frustrating.

It seems like we may get a Stardust versus Titus O’Neil match on the preshow. I find this bizarre to say the least but given Stardust it kind of fits. I like the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck rapport they have together. It doesn’t make any sense really but at least they have some friction.

All in all, Raw had some good moments. It just seems like WWE will go to Boston and have their own tea party with TLC throwing caution and everything but the kitchen sink at the audience. That said I’m not sure if they’ve given these talents enough TLC to really matter overall.