In the last few days, the new voice of Smackdown, Mauro Ranallo has been doing a lot of interviews about his new position. PW Torch has a synopsis of all of them so far. Here are some notable news bits from the interviews.:

According to Ranallo, who was at Monday Night Raw last night in Philadelphia, WWE is looking to present Smackdown in a different way once it moves to the USA Network on January 7:

I’m getting that feeling. It’s a brand new platform and it’s great to have both programs under one umbrella at the USA Network. I get the sense they want to make it kind of a hybrid between Raw, the flagship show with all the storylines and great performances from our Superstars in the ring, and what’s happening in NXT. That’s really been a phenomenon and I’m a huge proponent of that style of storytelling

I think if Smackdown can become a hybrid of the two, we’ll have a winning formula regardless of who’s on the microphone. But since it’s going to be me,  I love that it’s playing to my strengths. I think they want to set us all up to succeed. It’s going to be a new look and a new sound with the move to USA on Thursday, January 7.”


Playing off this new style of storytelling and his credibility within the combat sports genre, Ranallo will apparently be keeping his real name as he stated to Brian Fritz of Sporting News:

I think it begins with the fact that I will be known as Mauro Ranallo on ‘Smackdown.’ I understand why they want to change people’s names and want to give them their own identity, but the fact that they respect my breadth of work and respect what I’ve done over the last 30 years as a broadcaster already puts me in a proper mindset.  I’m going to call WWE like I call everything. Yes, I’m going to be passionate. Yes, I’m going to be excited, but at the same time I’m hoping to get better as a storyteller and I’m hoping to complement the people I work with who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.”

He would later said the following   about being the new “identity” of the brand:

I think WWE knows what they get in me as far as my passion and my storytelling ability. They want me to call sports entertainment the way I’ve called it over the past three decades. There’s a lexicon and certain things I’ll have to get used to, but that’s been true of any job I’ve been involved in. WWE wants the Mauro Ranallo everyone either loves…or doesn’t.”

Vocally, the key to pulling off a “new identity” for Smackdown might be the announcers he is working with. Ranallo said he’s not sure who will be part of the team, but he “feels good” working with any of the four main voices of Jerry Lawler, Booker T, JBL, or Byron Saxton.

And it looks like much like Scott Stanford and Todd Grisham before him he will still continue to do outside work calling  kickboxing and boxing aside from WWE. He talked about balancing his schedule:

I’m just glad that I’m able to do all of it, and who knows what the future holds? It’s going to be a hectic schedule and I have to wait and see how all of us react to this. But I can guarantee everyone that I will be fully committed to each and every event and each and every task just like I was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago. I’m taking better care of myself,” Ranallo said.

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