John Cena was interviewanded by GQ Magazine about his top spot in the wrestling business, transitioning his focus to projects outside of WWE and more. You can read it by going here

When asked about about the negative fan reaction John gets, Cena said the following:

“Because I’ve been in it so long, and if you look at (“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson), he had tremendous success in the WWE, but his success was short-lived when he left full-time for Hollywood. I think he had to do a tremendous switch, but I know he had the ultimate goal for coming back to the WWE and making it a better place,” Cena told interviewer Jake Woolf.

“But for me, at this point, so much of our audience loves me, and so much hates me, I kind of just realize I am who I am, and I am John Cena, I’m not ‘The Rock.’”

“At my age, I’m not trying to score cool points. I’m just excited when I can speak to younger members of our audience in the WWE. I just get to be a superhero to kids, but I’m not trying to be on the cutting edge of style or anything like that. Once you reach that point of deprivation, you don’t mind it.”

When asked whether he would do another rap album, John said the following:

“That’s a young man’s game,” Cena said. “If you’re gonna expect music, it would be a soul, R&B, ratpatck type of thing. Maybe classic. Every once in a while I’ll listen to hip-hop, but it’s all stuff from the ’90s. I’m kind of out of touch with everything,” he added.

At this point, Cena is just happy to be included in pop culture through Twitter memes.

“When pop culture is kind enough to let you in, exploit you, and in a lot of cases make fun of you, and you’re just gonna be the vehicle to push this new gag, I totally embrace it,” Cena said. “Whether it’s in praise or total humor, I don’t care. Just to be accepted at this point in my career, I think it’s pretty special.”

Stephanie McMahon announced on Twitter that WWE received the first ever “Golden Boot” award from the USO:

Yesterday was Steve Austin’s 51st birthday.

WWE will be in Inglewood California at the legendary LA Forum which will feature an appearance by Brock Lesnar challenging Alberto Del Rio for the US Title.

The NXT tour of the Midwest in January is virtually sold out on every date except for Green Bay which I’m sure will sell out shortly.

Tickets officially go on sale for April 1 NXT Takeover: Dallas events from the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center go on sale today at 10 AM Central 11 AM Eastern.

Tickets are also on sale today for the March 1 Smackdown in Atlanta and the March 5 live event in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Speaking of Atlanta, New Day will be a part of Wizard World Gaming Atlanta on January 22. For more info on tickets and schedule go here.

Here are the latest Star Wars videos from Xavier Woods “Up Up Down Down” YouTube channel:

Paige appeared on this video for IGN

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