Court Bauer’s MLW radio issued the following statement on comments made by Jim Cornette regarding Muslims and Islam on recent episodes of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast:

Following the comments made on the Jim Cornette Experience, we here at MLW felt it was important to clarify the position of MLW Radio:

Like every podcast, the views, opinions and positions expressed by Jim Cornette are his alone, and do not reflect the views, opinions or positions of MLW or anyone involved with the podcasts.

We strongly support freedom of speech but equally, freedom of religion, tolerance and acceptance of all faiths, ethnicity, race, sexual preference or otherwise.

There are many at MLW Radio who have friends that are Muslim and have seen the hardships they’ve had to endure as a result of Islamophobia.

It is our goal to find peace in this through understanding and acceptance of others and we will work to do so in this case.

Then they added the following apology from the man himself Jim Cornette:

“I would like to add to MLW’s earlier statement concerning controversy over my recent podcast. The very nature of my show and it’s appeal is that I issue opinions that people feel very strongly about, either positively or negatively. I have been especially pointed toward all religions, and although most of those rants are meant and taken with a comedy slant, this one may have crossed over from entertaining and into hateful or mean-spirited, and for that I apologize.
Even on this issue the listeners have been widely divided, but if I truly offended ANY of the listeners, I’m sorry.
My New Years’ Resolution is to talk about more positive things, I just need some help in finding them.”

(Paul thoughts: I feel like I should give some context to this apology. For the last few weeks, Jim Cornette was talking about the news of the day included the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino shootings, Donald Trump’s policy and many other political issues. Jim’s basic argument was as an atheist any person that believes in as he puts it “an invisible man” is crazy let alone a sect of people that want to blow us up. This issue caused so much controversy that his longtime producer and cohost Alice Radley to step away from the program for fear of backlash from Jim’s rant on the religion. I always admired Jim’s passion but on this issue he went a little too far I’m glad that he realized it.)