This week’s Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn was an attempt to recapture the magic of a few weeks ago in Philadelphia. We had another showdown between the McMahons and Roman Reigns, John Cena’s return and a lot of aggression. However, WWE did themselves a disservice attempting to run a holiday house show against television. Guys like the Wyatt Family, The Dudleys, Dolph as well as Charlotte and others were off television this week and the thinness of the roster showed. Not to mention the main story of the episode really did not connect as well.

While McMahon is still magic on screen even he cannot perform miracles especially when the angle doesn’t make any sense. WWE tried to recycle more from the Daniel Bryan storyline with Brie Bella and Stephanie. The fact that the conniving and dastardly McMahons tried to unsuccessfully get Reigns arrested was a little lackluster. It was unclear what exactly was going on in a lot of ways. And raises a question or two. With Stephanie and Vince dealing with legal matters who was in charge making matches at the arena? I know it’s a nitpick but the little details matter I think you could I had a great story line where you could of had more of the inmates run the asylum sort of thing. As I said in previous columns, it is this lack of detail with storylines that it really frustrates a lot of fans by slapping the fans in the face.

Another thing that was a slap in the face to most fans was the use of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Hard to believe that a few months prior that Sasha had one of her pinnacle moments at NXT Brooklyn. That seems so far away from where we are now. The good thing is that the woman got more time due to the lack of mainstream talent there. The Bad News The Barclays Center really didn’t care. They chanted everything else but for the women. Even trying to make a New York versus Boston feud out of the match didn’t have fans interested and it definitely affected the women here. Not a bad match but not a great one. It’s really a shame.

The fans had no problems being vocal and how they felt about the show. Making sure that Vince and company heard Daniel Bryan and CM Punk chants echoing through the Barclays Center. And with what they gave the audience I don’t really blame them. We got short matches with New Day and Lucha Dragons, Big Show versus Ryback, Neville versus Kevin Owens and a terrible Miz TV segment.

You really see the holes in the cracks with that Miz TV segment. Goldust, Zack Ryder, Big Show, Ryback (who belched on camera), R Truth and Heath Slater taking the ring talking about who is going to have the best year of 2016. If that reaction is an indication Heath Slater may be having a little bit of a Renaissance. I have no problems WWE showcasing more of the roster but I wish this didn’t feel so lackluster. I will say this Truth won me over punching himself out in the melee.

The six man was solid and really got over more the League of Nations as an entity going forward. In the midst of all this Kevin Owens shines with a great beat down of Neville and Dean Ambrose. That aggression is what makes great heels amazing. It appears given the ending of the main event that John Cena would join Roman’s crew in the fight against the international ne’er-do-wells. I don’t think we’ll see John Cena get the title back anytime soon. It’s great to have Cena kind of need the aid of the Usos, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. It should be noted that WWE World Heavyweight Champion gave one hell of a Spear. I like the idea of the title match next week as a teaser for fans to tune in. It will be interesting to see if WWE will kick off 2016 right.

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