Hey everyone. Last week, I theorized that that WWE was creating factions to help create intrigue in this year’s 30 man spectacular known as the Royal Rumble. And It seems like Raw live from New Orleans cemented that theory as we saw the Wyatt family versus #TheSocialOutcasts, New Day versus the Usos and Jericho and The “One Versus All” main Event. I know the company is trying to build one of the fan favorite shows of the year without a lot of top stars. But nothing on Monday really felt like it cause any rumblings of excitement.

Many people are pointing to guys like the Balor Club a.k.a. The Former Bullet Club possibly being a part of the show and they probably will. There are many surprises in the Battle Royal. But I don’t believe that they will be heading to the main roster. I just feel they’re going to be promotional tools for NXT. As WWE’s Internet darling continues to grow outside of Florida, they need more and more independent name talent and I think AJ Styles, Nakamura and others that have been rumored to come to WWE soon. Many people have to quit thinking of the NXT Brand as a demotion to certain talents, especially when the same fans have so much indictment for the main roster creative. Older talents yes to get less money but the schedule is less and showcase their talents at the maximum ability. Not everyone is going to be used like you want them to.

At Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesnar got the biggest endorsement in the world breaking the Undertaker’s undefeated streak. This past Monday in the shadow in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the Beast Incarnate was probably use the weakest he has been since his WWE return. Now I get what WWE was trying to do but it felt tacked on. To me it didn’t feel special. You want to create doubt that Roman Reigns can actually win the Rumble again. Here’s a thought why have him attempt to lose to people that lost earlier in the night? It doesn’t make any sense. Nobody that was in the match was presented in the strongest light or like actual threats. That’s the biggest problem about this year’s booking of the Rumble. You can group together a bunch of lower-level card talent and without giving them a solid push it means nothing.

They did try to make a breakout star with Kalisto defeating Alberto del Rio. And I would be more excited if I didn’t know what happens this week on Smackdown. But to be fair it did create some buzz for the show. They really should of closed the night with that. I feel like the fans would have enjoyed that a little more. Stuff like New Day is great but a show they cannot carry by themselves. You need to start bringing up other talent to fill in the spots left by injured talent.

I know some may have had problems with the ladies segment this week. But I found it to be better than most of the things that have happened in the last few weeks of television. Becky Lynch finally showed some aggression, Charlotte channeled her father and became a great heel who feels justified in her actions against her former best friend. The company hasn’t been doing the best job with the women. But at least this was somewhat logical and give them fuel for the future.

It’s not often I say this, but this week’s Impact Wrestling was so much better than Raw. I like the framing of the episode around Ethan Carter dealing with all these upcoming challengers. Whether it be getting the final challenge from Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, or Mike Bennett who just arrived. I like the opening segment with Tyrus holding The World Title longingly. It was subtle and maybe foreshadowing something. These little touches didn’t your the face with anything but if you notice them and more nuance to the story.

I had major problems with the show not having any energy to it last week but this week ironically a tape show had more flow to it than their live to tape production.

I loved the stuff with the Knockouts as they really tried to differentiate themselves from The Divas. I love the new dynamic of The Dollhouse. Marti Bell and Jade stopped being just bodies for the slaughter and more fleshed out personalities. Add this with a hard-core brawl and the female fighters of Impact Wrestling are back in rare form.

There are a lot less talking segments this week and I think that helped the show quite a bit. As was mentioned on last night’s FTPW (which I was on) it felt like last week’s episode was the exposition to get to this week. The ratings were solid last Tuesday and hopefully they go this week because I thought the show was better overall. The weakest stuff in my opinion was Ken Anderson interviewing Matt Hardy and his wife Rebecca a.k.a. Reby Sky and the Beer Bash. It felt like TNA trying to force comedy where they didn’t need to. But unlike Raw, TNA really felt like they’re taking steps in the right direction. It will be interesting to see if things will change in wrestling television over the next week.