PW Insider reported the following update on the concussion lawsuits leveled against the WWE by former talent and their families:

An interesting update regarding the ongoing lawsuits brought against WWE by a number of former talents over WWE’s alleged lack of protection when it came to performers in regard to their health, specifically concussions, CTE and other head-trauma related injuries..
In regard to the claims brought against the company by former main roster talent “Big” Vito LoGrasso and former developmental talent Evan Singleton, Judge Judge Vanessa L. Bryant ruled yesterday that they could move forward with some discovery, allowing them to investigate:

*Whether WWE had or should have had knowledge of and owed a duty to disclose to those plaintiffs the risks of long -term degenerative neurological conditions resulting from concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries to wrestlers who performed for WWE in the year 2005 or later.

*Whether and when WWE may have breached that duty.

*Whether such a breach, if any, continued after Singleton and LoGrasso ceased performing for WWE.

This is an important ruling in that for the first time, talents will have access to WWE records for the express purpose of trying to prove their allegations. The discovery will only cover the Lograsso and Singleton case.

WWE has until 8/1 to file a motion arguing that discovery should not go forward.

The lawsuit filed by LoGrasso and Singleton alleges that WWE ignored concussions suffered by talents that worked for the company. The suit alleges Singleton is now disabled due to brain trauma and Lograsso (who still wrestled long after leaving WWE) suffers from migraines, memory loss, depression and deafness after “nearly a decade” with the WWE. While Lograsso worked for WWE as an enhancement talent in the early 1990s, he was only a contracted talent with the company from July 2005 through June 2007. The lawsuit seeks unspecified economic damages and medical monitoring.

WWE successfully had all the lawsuits brought against them moved to the State of Connecticut last year. Former WWF/E performers Billy Jack Haynes, Ryan Sakoda, Matt “Luther Reigns” Wiese, Russ McCullough, the estate of the late Nelson Frazier Jr. (pka Big Daddy V among other characters) and Michelle James, the mother of the late Matt “Doink the Clown” have all brought similar suits.

On his Facebook page, LoGrasso commented, “Today is a day to feel proud. A year ago I took a stand , today it paid off not for me, but for all in an industry. I am relieved and grateful. A man has his word. Integrity comes when you sacrifice your beliefs for no one. I am proud. You will hear about it soon enough. Thank you to all who stood behind me. To those who spoke I’ll, please stay away from me and next time if you don’t know, don’t comment.”

It should be noted that WWE currently has a motion filed to dismiss the lawsuits pending.

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