PW Insider reported the following somber news:

We are sorry to report that The Mongolian Stomper, Archie Gouldie, passed away earlier today at the age of 71. Gouldie had been hospitalized recently and had a number of health issues in recent years.

Gouldie was at one point, one of the biggest heels in the Stampede Wrestling territory as “The Stomper” Archie Gouldie. His work in Canada was so great that Bret Hart once named him the greatest wrestler out of Canada ever during an episode of “Legends of Wrestling.”

Gouldie was one of the first wrestlers trained by Stu Hart in the famed Dungeon, getting into the wrestling business after time in the Canadian Football League. During his time in Stampede, holding the North American championship several times.

In the United States, he, as the Mongolian Stomper, worked the territories but is probably most remembered for his time in the Eastern Tennessee territories where he carried a Fu Manchu style mustache and was well known for brawling mayhem.

Gouldie, as the Mongolian Stomper, held the Southeast Heavyweight championship a number of times and was such a legend that he would return to action in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as a special attraction through the 1990s.

After his wrestling career, Gouldie worked as a deputy in Knox County, TN and helped to oversee the physical conditioning of the local police.

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