The 2016 Royal Rumble is in the books. And like many years past the anticipation was far outweighed by the results. The matches were solid and set up a definite framework of Wrestlemania 32. With many injuries plaguing the company, WWE did a nice reshuffle trying to build one of the biggest events of all time.

The show had a great opening match with Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens getting as extreme as you get in a PG environment. There were some moments in that match that made me cringe. But it was what a Last Man Standing Match should be a knockdown drag out brawl. Ambrose comes out on top which makes me curious what’s next for the Intercontinental champion. Things that happened later in the night, gives me the idea may have a three-way with Owens, Sami and Ambrose at Wrestlemania.

As I’ve said in the past, the WWE Tag Team Division really need to get more established teams. Don’t get me wrong. The tag team title match was great. But without strong personalities to play off of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston are starting to get stagnant. The Usos are not the personalities you can base it off ofThe introduction of Francesca II was funny but there was nothing really in the match that was going to be memorable besides that. The New Day needs a foil perhaps Enzo and Colin Cassady to verbally battle with the unicorns.

The US Title Match was a great contest. But doing the hot potato with the title last few weeks damaged prestige of it in my opinion.
Sometimes if matches are solid enough you can do this and make the title hot. I don’t know if this feud will ignite that title somewhere to John Cena’s US Open Challenge. We will see what the future holds the future holds. I can see a ladder match happening for the US Title at Wrestlemania. Add Neville, AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler and more and we could have a show stealer at AT&T Stadium.

The Divas Title had a lot of work ahead of it being right before the Rumble match. Never fails. You do this big push on female empowerment and they are still in the same spot. The match itself was solid. However, all this proved to be a backup for something else later. I really do feel sorry for Becky Lynch. It seems like she’s getting pushed to the side. The video package WWE showed before the match and more for Becky than the last four weeks of television. Fans want Sasha versus Charlotte from the beginning doing what they did in NXT. They may be finally paying attention.

The Royal Rumble match itself was great bell to bell. It had a lot of great moments. AJ Styles debuts, Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens, The Wyatt Family dominance and more. However, I thought there could’ve been a lot more than there was for the mid-card. Especially Mark Henry, Jack Swagger and The Social Outcasts, you can do so much more with all this and really make them established in roles going forward that mean something. There was no Stardust versus Goldust interaction. And the way they book Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose felt like they could’ve really done something special. Don’t get me wrong , I don’t hate Triple H winning the Rumble but I think there would’ve been much more intrigue to see Dean Ambrose overcome his friend and win the title causing a heel turn for Roman much like WWE did for The Rock.

There’s quite a plethora of possibilities coming out of the show and there’s definitely interest going forward. What you do with AJ Styles? What’s next for Kevin Owens? What about the mid-card title picture? These are good questions to have.