There are weeks where doing this day in and day out are not fun. Thankfully this is not one of them. The last few days have been really entertaining if you are a wrestling fan.

The Royal Rumble on Sunday was a good show from top to bottom. Monday’s Raw had one of the highest ratings It’s had in over a year. This is in part to the pay-per-view and the appearance of The Rock. Tuesday, Impact really put together a solid show and continued the trend of really building a solid foundation going forward. And last night you had the return of Lucha Underground with a phenomenal episode and NXT with solid action from bell to bell with great character building in between. If you’re not enjoying yourself as a wrestling fan right now you might want to check your pulse and see if you’re even still living.

I know there’s a certain group of fans that have the criticisms regarding Rock’s comments on Monday Night Raw. Many point to his conversation with Lana as “slut shaming” and The Great One using innuendo to insinuate The New Day was gay. Truth be told, I get where the coming from as WWE wants to be more socially conscious in the modern era but you have to have to let people be people especially when when addressing heels. Is there a fine line? Sure. But I don’t really find those comments offensive. I grew up in a different generation however. There are many in the Internet wrestling community that I wanted promos to be more off-the-cuff and less scripted this is one main reason why they’re not these days. I always figure if everybody wants to be equal everybody should be able to take a joke every now and then. Don’t be offended just to prove your above everyone else. Do it because you’re really offended.

Another thing the Internet wrestling community might need to change  their thought process is realizing that Impact Wrestling is  really good again. I really thought this past Tuesday’s episode was one of the better things TNA has produced in quite some time. The Hardys feuding gave the show a nice thread and we had some fun matches. Call me crazy, but I really am interested in The Wolves versus Crazzy Steve’s “The Decay”.

While I think The Monster Abyss has seen better days. I think the group has interesting chemistry especially with the new knockout Rosemary a.k.a. Courtney Rush. It’s nice to see the tag team division starting to build again. With Beer Money, Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz and Bram and Eric Young there is quite the depths now.

The ladies of TNA are also starting to really find themselves again. I know I may be in the minority but I really enjoy Kong as the leader of The Dollhouse mainly because it allows Jade, Marti Bell and Rebel a chance to find their personalities. They may not be at the level of the 2007 division but it’s a work in progress. I’m hopeful that The Beautiful People feud will be over soon as I think everything has ran its course. Hope for the future is definitely in hand

The X-Division which has been neglected in a lot of ways in light of the World Title Series got focus again. There was a lot of fun stuff in the three-way between Tigre Uno, Mark Andrews and DJ Z. While I did not like the skateboard spot of Andrews it brought back some fun memories of the ingenuity of the talents in the division that made TNA famous. This definitely an energy back in the division again.

I’m not the biggest fan of Feast or Fired but it did set up some interesting things for the future. Compared to things Like Lucha Underground I feel these reality segments are a little forced but it is what it is.

Speaking of Lucha Underground, that season premiere was great. From the vignettes, which had a darker more grittier tone to the matches that had such An energy and vibrancy to them. Everything seems to be firing on all cylinders. There’s some really great stuff going on I don’t want to spoil any of it for those that have not watched the show yet but it’s definitely worth tracking down and finding.

Add this with NXT and you really have a lot to be happy with as a wrestling fan. Especially with the news that Shinsuke Nakamura is coming to NXT Takeover: Dallas on April 1 . We are definitely in a magical era. Wednesdays are no longer hump day it’s bump day. Hopefully, Smack down will continue the trend.