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Bryan Danielson appeared on ESPN Sportscenter on Tuesday evening to discuss his retirement from professional wrestling as an in-ring performer. During the appearance, Danielson said that he’s had ten documented concussions over the course of his career and that there’s currently no true way to document every concussion he’s ever suffered from when he began training until he his retirement. He noted there’s no way for an NFL player to know how many they may have suffered from either.

Bryan noted that he’s taken multiple tests that showed he would be cleared to return to the ring. Bryan said that when he was in New York, he took a newer test that tests the brain’s reflect testing as an EEG is done. He took the test looking for a way to have further proof that he could resume performing for WWE. Instead, the test showed that he had a “chronic lesion in his temporoparietal region” of the brain, which can cause seizures and also found some swelling. Bryan admitted he’s had post-concussion seizures and was hiding them for some time.

Bryan said that until the most recent battery of tests in NYC, there was no known cause of why he was having the seizures but they now know. He said to have important for everyone, especially young athletes, to watch for potential concussions, stay on top of them and get them looked at and examined.

Bryan said that he’s not sure what’s next for him but he’s spoken with a neurologist about how he can help with raising awareness of concussion issues and doing other concussion-related work and that he wants to do something that will help others. He joked that the last jobs he had before wrestling, he was working in a video store and a tanning salon. He noted that the best part of working with WWE was all the charity work that he was able to take part in and specifically mentioned how touched he was by the late Connor Michalek.

He admitted that he never thought the “Yes” chant would catch on, because it was something created to be annoying to the audience. He admitted that he has no idea why he connected with the WWE audience and that he’s touched by all the support he’s received from fans over the course of his career.

Bryan said that his favorite moment was when the crowd hijacked Raw in Seattle and that last night on Raw, he had to keep from looking at his family in the front row as he would have cried if he looked at them from the ring.

Bryan said that when people remember the good times they had when they saw him wrestle, he wants them to think about the people they were with – their friends and family – and remember the memories they made with the people they loved when those memories happened. He doesn’t need to be remembered beyond that.

Here are clips from Daniel Bryan’s appearance on SportsCenter last night: