Former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin wrote the following “open letter” to professional wrestling, seemingly confirming the rumors that WWE is interested in bringing him in to NXT:

An open letter to Professional Wrestling

(First, yes Kobe’s not to basketball inspired my title. And no, I’m not quitting just wanted to say something before 2016 continues)
You’ve been one of the longest relationships I’ve ever experienced in my life. If times were hard I turned to you, if I was unhappy I turned to you, if I was happy I turned to you, if I was sad I turned to you, when I was happy I turned to you. The only people/thing I’ve known longer than you is my family, and on many occasions you brought me closer to them. Without you I wouldn’t have ever met my wife and be blessed with a beautiful child. You get me, even when you frustrate me you’re in my thoughts and I want to make up.

Over a year ago, you really threw me a curveball. I didn’t doubt you, but I doubted many within your realm. I was tired, I was confused and quite frankly pissed off. I still loved you, you were my everything but people within your world tried to make things difficult. Yet you have a funny way of doing things, because it was at this time I saw things clearer than I had ever before. Something clicked in my head, I knew what you were really upto. Sometimes you need to test your subjects, the old saying of sometimes you have to let someone go and if they come back they are yours……well I’m yours. I came back and feel I am better, more knowledgable than before.

No matter how well I feel I know you, you still teach me something new everyday. You always show me there is a new lesson, and a new venture ahead. When we started this relationship, I was just a child. I watched you night and day, I studied you and I was mesmerized by everything you said, everything you did. You helped me change my life around, I lost over 100 lbs between the age of 13 and 14. You matured me beyond years, you made me a responsible adult well before I was ready to be one. You’ve shown me parts of this world I never thought I would see, you’ve made dreams realities and shown me love.

It’s February 12 2016 and I’m on a bus in Japan because of you, more eyes are on me now then ever and for that I thank you. You’re all I’ve ever really known, as a young child watching you I knew I wanted you in my life forever. At the young age of 14 you reciprocated that love and since then never turned your back. No matter how much love we have for each other there are now 2 people in my life more important to you. My wife and our son Jax have taken that #1 spot in my heart. Don’t get me wrong I still love you, but the decisions I make this year are for them. I won’t do you wrong, as you’ve never done me wrong. But know I have to make choices for them now. You made me a World Champion, you allowed me to see Australia, England, Germany. You’ve helped me realize the dream of being in Japan and following in the footsteps of men I have followed for years. You introduced me to my wife, if I could have asked you would have been the best man at my wedding.

Pro wrestling you are special, you’ve made 2016 the most interesting year I can remember in wrestling. Multiple companies have a tv presence, you’ve allowed so many of us to enjoy a living doing what we love. But for the first time in my career the choices I make this year are not for me. They are too give me family a better living. You know what I want, your other admirer’s know what I want. I hope that that is what 2016 brings. I know where I want to call home, but it’s not solely upto me. I promise to always love and respect you, so if you can do me one favor. I know you don’t owe me anything, you don’t owe anyone anything. But if you could make what I want happen, I’d be forever in your debt. Thank you for the past 14 years, I look forward to the next 14.

Love Michael Elgin

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