We are just a few days away from WWE February spectacular Fast Lane. Last night on Raw, WWE had the pedal to the metal trying to get fans interested in the show before the show of shows. I honestly think they did a solid job getting people interested in the main event going on this Sunday in Cleveland although I do have some criticisms.

I overall like all the stuff done with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon. It frames the triple threat in an interesting way that doesn’t feel like a definite either way. I especially like Dean Ambrose in this whole situation giving hope that it may be an Ambrose asylum in Cleveland at the Q Arena at the end of the night.

As I said last week I do wish they would get away from the formula during the opening of the show of one person starts a promo the other person interrupts. It takes away from the spontaneity of being live.

However, having Kevin Owens take the IC title from Ambrose was a nice touch. That being said seeing Dolph versus Kevin Owens is not going to set the world on fire. But hopefully this will be the building but something that make the title feel important again.

I have similar feelings about the two out of three falls match now signed between Alberto del Rio and Kalisto for the US title. And the last few matches did not see or not the greatest in terms of chemistry so It wasn’t something I was really looking forward to. But the stipulation makes sense so we will see all that goes.

I’m skeptical that WWE can transfer sympathy for Daniel Bryan over to Brie Bella in a match against Charlotte. The company has tried to do that in the past with the likes of Christian and Rey Mysterio with limited results. If she doesn’t get the title I will be very surprised. She doesn’t have the same Babyface appeal as her husband considering she’s been at the top of the division for over a year with her sister.

Last week on Smackdown, the Dudleys gave an awesome promo on why they turned heel on the Usos. They talk about not wanting to be a nostalgia act. That’s cool. If that’s indeed true why the hell are you wearing your old gear? Why don’t you come out with new ring attire? And having them go after Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose right after Paul Heyman was in the ring doesn’t really give the right impression that the characters seem to be rebelling against. It seemed like a misstep in the wrong direction.

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho seem to be on the collision course for a third match this Sunday. Okay. But I don’t think a decision with a winner either way really does anything for the Phenomenal One. Can they really find nothing else to do with Styles at this point?

Same can be said for the Wyatt family, having them feud against the “Titans” of WWE in the Big Show, Kane and Ryback. Haven’t we seen this horror movie before? I know they want to get Stroman over but this is not the way to do it. There is such a been there done that feel to all this. I guess we will see in Cleveland if the monsters will take over the city.

I find it really intriguing that New Day is in a non-wrestling segment on the pay-per-view. This me to believe that a new team will be debuting at the pay-per-view. And possibly winning the tag team titles giving the unicorns a realistic foil going forward. It would not surprise me to see Enzo and Colin Cassady to debut in that spot considering they’ve been on the live event loop lately.

And I’m interested to see where the Becky Lynch Sasha Banks relationship goes. They built this personalities up pretty well and I’m intrigued to see what comes next following the tag match with Team Bad. I can imagine Sasha and Becky not winning. But considering Cameron was on house shows this weekend teaming with Naomi and Tamina, she may be the surprise appearance as the newest member of the group.

All in all, Raw set up a lot for this weekend but really the focus was on  the main event. And that’s not a bad thing but it definitely feels like WWE is going to give you good matches but nothing with real consequence. It’s a shame but it should be fun to watch

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