Shane McMahon appeared on ESPN Radio New York for an interview today. He was asked about how he felt after the reaction he got on Raw. McMahon replied that he was humbled and is still humbled by the reaction he got. Adding there’s nothing like it. McMahon said his kids went nuts seeing their dad on television.

When asked if his return was due to his four kids never getting to see him wrestle, McMahon said that was a major driving factor for coming back.

When asked whether he will do any death-defying things off Hell in a Cell in Dallas Shane said he said he most likely will be in a Cell but anything is possible in the WWE.

McMahon was asked about Wrestlemania 3 and the 93,000 seats in the Pontiac Silverdome. Shane said it was a sight to behold. He thinks the company can fill AT&T Stadium.

There was a question on whether his actual animosity between himself and Vince he said there’s always a little bit of tension when you’re working with family and there’s always blurred lines with professional wrestling.

On his training regimen, Shane said he’s working as hard as you can get in shape for Mania working with a cardio and strength specialists.

On how he kept his return a secret, Shane replied that he’s a very guarded person keeps everything close to the vest.

On whether he is back in the company as a part of the family business, he said he is just focusing on Wrestlemania for the time being.

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