The following was posted on Facebook by Japanese Women’s Promotion Stardom:

Welcome to Stardom World, our new Youtube paid channel!

★ For $4.99 USA each month, you will be able to see all of our shows from this point forward!
This means, all of our Tokyo shows at Shinkiba 1stRING and Korakuen Hall, as well as shows in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka…EVERY Stardom show!
(Countries other than the United States are similarly priced.)

★ We will upload matches throughout the week in the days after each show. Friday is “Main Event Friday.”
For instance, if our Tokyo show is Sunday, Monday we will upload the opening match, Tuesday the next match, and so forth throughout the rest of the week, so It is possible that some days will have more than one match uploaded. Main events will always be on Main Event Friday.
Shows that are outside of Tokyo may begin uploads on Tuesday, due to travel.

★ We will also offer extra content throughout each week, such as the month of March’s “Tea Time” with Chelsea and Santana.
Each month we will offer new programming, all in English.
At various times we will upload older shows, or special matches. For instance, you may see Mayu Iwatani Week, or Io Shirai Week, or The Best of 2015.

★ For the opening of Stardom World, we have our complete show from Nagoya on February 12, 2016 which has never aired anywhere until now!
This show features the Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Title match between champions Thunder Rock and Oedo Tai’s Viper and Kaitlin Diemond!
You’ll also find our first Tea Time segment, the first of many to come.

★ The first week of March will feature our February 28 show in Osaka with the Main Event for the Artist of Stardom 6 man titles, pitting Team Hyper Destroyers, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Kellie Skater and Evie vs Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani and Kairi Hojo!

★ The channel is currently available in 32 countries:
Austria €4.49
Australia A$6.99
Belgium €4.49
Canada CA$6.49
Chile CLP3,490
Colombia COP16,900
Denmark DKK39.00
Finland €4.49
UK £3.99
Greece €4.49
HongKong HK$38.00
Hungary HUF1,417.00
Ireland €4.49
India Rs.345.00
Italy €4.49
Japan ¥500
South Korea ₩6,200
Macedonia MKD280.00
Mexico MX$89.00
Netherlands €4.49
Norway NOK39.00
New Zealand NZ$7.95
Peru PEN18.00
Philippines Php240.00
Poland PLN19.00
Portugal €4.49
Sweden SEK39.00
Slovenia €4.49
Slovakia €4.49
Senegal CFA20
Taiwan NT$169.00
USA $4.99

★ Certain countries have Youtube restrictions; Youtube requires that paid channels in Brazil, France and Spain be in the local language. We will have mainly English.
Also, Youtube restricts paid channels in certain countries: Germany, Costa Rica, Malaysia are some of the countries that the Youtube system does not allow us to offer a paid channel to.

★ We thank you for your support, and welcome on this journey with us!

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