Apologies for the late column this week. I’ve had some stuff going on that took me away from writing opinion pieces. But there’s quite a bit of talk about so let’s get to it.

It’s Wrestlemania season. WWE should be firing on all cylinders leading into the biggest show of the last few years. However, Monday’s Raw felt like everything it was on pause. I was worried that the energy brought on by Shane McMahon’s return would not be followed up on. And it definitely felt like Vince and company were spinning the wheels on what to do.

This is no more evident than the use of the Undertaker and the WWE Chairman. I always have said the most important question to any wrestling storyline is why. Why are they fighting? Why is Undertaker working with Vince? Why why why. None of this was brought up. All of a sudden, the conscience of WWE is at the beck and call of his billionaire boss? Hell, the Stephanie McMahon segment did more for the Shane angle then the classic characters did.

The most interesting thing for Monday’s broadcast was the use of Dean Ambrose against Triple H. It definitely appears that the company may be hedging their bets on Plan B. And with the announcement of the title match for the March 12 WWE Network special “Roadblock” from Toronto. Bizarro world may be a nice setting for the Ambrose asylum to take over the top spot from the COO. Does WWE realize what they’ve done and can they undo It? Can they make this one of the biggest Wrestlemania events of all time? I guess only time will tell. Because the rest of Monday’s broadcast felt like a ramshackle mess for the most part. There seem to be no spark to be in ring action this week. There’s a lot of talking. And a lot of random talent put in for good measure.

Juxtaposed is TNA albeit taped, used their talent and matches to build to the future and they definitely feel like there’s some forward momentum for the television product. Say what you want to about the business practices as rumors have said things aren’t so rosy in the company. But the television product cannot be any more solid in regards to storytelling. Everything had a flow and it felt way quicker than it’s two hour duration. Matches were solid and everything lead into another angle going forward. I especially enjoyed the Gail Kim-Maria-Jade angle. That shows they you can really use talents in a positive way and get everyone over in the process.

The Ethan Carter-Rockstar Spud dynamic is great because every great heel feels that they’re justified in the decisions they make. And the former Chief of Staff has traded in his bowtie for a leather jacket and a sense of vengeance and purpose for the first time in two years. This is the UK native’s chance to really find himself in his personality. This can be a true transformative time for the former underdog.

I really do like the presentation of The Decay but as with any other heel faction they need strong foils to go against. Otherwise, things may wither away on the line. I will say this. It appears that this is a pet project of Billy Corgan as they are a lot of music elements particularly Marilyn Manson involved with the group.

Matches were solid from beginning to end. And the roster definitely proves its worth every week on television. Hopefully more and more fans will get access to Pop TV as they can really look and see what the company been up to. I’m afraid the ratings drop will get them to change direction and that scares me because I think the really doing well with the assets they have in making interesting stories.

It’s interesting that WWE’s business is up but their stories are lacking and TNA is going through some financial turmoil but their television product is probably the best in the last few years.

I know some Ring of Honor or Lucha Underground fans may point to their product as being the best thing on television but lately my opinion those products aren’t as vibrant as they used to be. Ring work still solid but when everything comes together everything sings. And right now on television TNA is probably the best going right now.

Hopefully, the company’s financial woes can be put the rest with some outside investment. This can really bring the company to the platform that the product we need to be shown at. There was a lot of damage in the years since Hogan and Bischoff were brought in. TNA is overcome quite a bit in the last year to really persevere as is a wrestling company.

Can the Titanic of the WWE, turn away from the iceberg before things sink? I don’t know. But only time will tell.

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