It’s interesting how the road to Wrestlemania goes. There are often speed bumps, potholes and definite construction on the journey to the show of shows. This year, WWE has put a Roadblock in the way to AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. But unlike the trials and tribulations that the company usually faces during the busy season. This gives some interesting scenarios that could really reinvigorate a lot of interest in this year’s card.

Coming off a lackluster Monday Night Raw, WWE announced that Triple H would defend his WWE World Title against Dean Ambrose in Toronto. This will happen just a few weeks before his scheduled showdown with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. The possibilities of what could come from this are very interesting. The question is will WWE decide to change the direction yet again for a third year in a row? I hope so. There’s a chance that we could get Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose which was great for Survivor Series and Fast Lane this year. They could make the Street Fight between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose for the title which would be fun. Or they can make a four-way with seems to be the pattern this year for the most part. But there’s another reason why you would would possibly want to do a title change in Toronto. And that is for the importance of the WWE Network.

Outside of Beast in The East last July and The Elimination Chamber, WWE Network Wrestling specials really haven’t felt important. While seeing special in ring action is great the fact that no big changes happen on these events is a negative overall to spending your hard-earned money. WWE needs to make these can’t miss events that you have to see. And giving Dean Ambrose title will definitely perk some ears and have them take notice. There is also an NXT Tag Title Match with Enzo and Cass versus Dash and Dawson. I would definitely give The Certified Gs the NXT Gold. I know this may throw what you taped already on television out the window. But sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and shuffle things up a little bit.

There’s proof that WWE is on the right track. If you haven’t watched this week’s Smackdown I would highly suggest you do. You can tell Wrestlemania season is in full effect and when undercooked storylines are thrown out the window things are pretty great. Monday and Thursday are like night and day.
The announce team is much more cohesive having Jerry Lawler simply and subtly play the heel. It’s much better than the McMahon coached JBL pounding taglines into your head. Mauro Ranallo also gives great drama with his voice calls. He legitimizes the action and doesn’t take away from the competitors. The stark contrast makes me wonder if Shane McMahon will not come out of Hell in a Cell a winner bringing forth a true brand split. It definitely feel like they’re trying to give the show a different feel from the other. Much like in the previous era where there were separate brand identities, Raw is more about entertainment and Smackdown is more focused on in ring content.

Another thing WWE finally seems to be coming around on our making their Divas a nice focus of the in ring action. It took them almost 7 months to get to the match the fans wanted to see but they finally did it. Sasha Banks versus Charlotte versus Becky Lynch is set for Mania. It’s amazing how a year changes everything. Last year at this time they were tearing up NXT and out there on the Grandest Stage of Them All. And I have no doubt that this will be one of the top matches for Mania. Not just for this year’s card but for all time.

It will be interesting to see where this Brie Bella/Lana storyline will fit into the card. I know the WWE wants to get the Ravishing Russian as an in ring character. But how nerve-racking would that be to make your in ring debut on the grandest stage of sports entertainment. And given that Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch will tear it up I don’t think it’s a great idea to put that match on. Save it for a very special Raw.

I get the distinct impression that most of this year’s Mania will be mostly multi- person spectacles for the rest of the title pictures and match types. The company wants to get everybody on the card which I understand but it also make sure that nobody really have a standout moment.

The next few weeks should be interesting for WWE in a lot of ways and only time will tell how the Road to Wrestlemania will end and next year’s will begin.