WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart spoke with the Portsmouth News in the UK to promote his Q&A this Sunday and spoke about his current health following a battle with prostate cancer and wrist surgery

On his health post prostate cancer surgery:

‘I’ve got to have regular check-ups for the next few years, but I think I’m through the worst now. They think they got it all in one shot, so I’m just on to a slow recovery and hopefully in the next few months I’ll be back to normal and getting my life back on track.

‘I was lucky I had one of those cancers that they say if you get it early and you’re on it quick you can have a full recovery. It’s a 96 per cent recovery rate for prostate cancer.

‘My diagnosis was early and I did a lot to make sure I was on top of it.’

‘The recovery is kind of slow, I’m not allowed to lift anything or do anything strenuous or over-exert myself, so you find yourself watching a lot of TV. It’s been very light living. I’ve had that for a couple of months, so that’s enough of that for me now.’

And on how his wrist feels post surgery:

‘That’s been a big challenge for me too. I had real trouble holding a pan and gripping things. It’s all been coming together slower than I hoped.

‘When I was going through both these surgeries, it was a challenge to think that I would be ready for this tour and to finally get out of the house.’

You can read the full interview which includes thoughts on the Q&A format, UFC versus professional wrestling and more by going here.

This gives fans a glimpse into the current condition of Bret Hart who is scheduled to appear in the corner of Natalya during next week’s WWE Payback pay-per-view in Chicago. A little factoid this will be the first time that Bret Hart will appear in the Allstate Arena (formerly the Rosemont Horizon) since Wrestlemania 13