Anthony Anzaldo, who worked as Chyna’s manager and was involved in the documentary on her life at the time of her passing, told The New York Daily News that he was the one who found her body and the documentary was filming as he entered her home. He noted that the film, still intended to be finished and released, may show him entering her home but not him finding her body.

Anzaldo told the Daily News that he found her in her bed with no signs of foul play or even blood or vomit, just what appeared to be Chyna resting. In her bedroom, according to Anzaldo, were prescription pill bottles for Ambien and “one for an anti-anxiety medication similar to Xanax.” Anzaldo stated there was no alcohol or illegal drugs.

“My only solace is that she obviously died in her sleep with no pain. She was alive one second and dead the next. It doesn’t look like there was a struggle for air,” Anzaldo told The News.

Anzaldo also noted he’s currently in the process of getting permission from Chyna’s family to authorize that her brain be donated for CTE research. Anzaldo stated that Chyna had been contacted to try and bring her into the ongoing lawsuit against WWE over how they allegedly treated talents when it came to brain injuries. While she had no interest in the lawsuit, Anzaldo said that the science behind the CTE discovery interested he and Chyna.

Anzaldo stated Chyna would be cremated with some of her ashes spread in the Pacific Ocean and some in a location where fans can visit them if they wish.

The same article noted that Chyna was set to meet with Vivid Video about doing new adult films before her passing.

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