To say there a lot of changes going on within Impact Wrestling is probably the biggest understatement in professional wrestling these days. From moving office locations to production issues a lot of the attention has been focused on the backstage happenings with the company. But on this week’s Impact Wrestling, TNA did something rather monumental. They broke Ethan Carter’s almost three-year streak of not being pinned or submitted at the hands of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Now there have been monumental streaks in professional wrestling. But honestly there’s been nothing like EC III. Since his debut in October 2013, the former Derrick Bateman in NXT, came on the scene as a joke character to be a surrogate for TNA owner Dixie Carter in feuds. He began with beating a series of no-name level talent before getting real competition with the likes of Sting, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and others. The character would go through quite the transformation in a few months from the joke to TNA’s pet project to build another homegrown star. Unlike most on the roster Ethan Carter would get credible wins over larger name talent really cementing himself beyond the TNA owner. But It wasn’t until The Rockstar Spud that he reached another level.

There’s a saying that you’re only as good as the people you work with and Ethan cannot be a great villain without The Underdog being the ultimate babyface. I still remember hearing the reaction in London when the two faced off and Carter shaved the head of his former Chief of Staff.

Carter would continue on the warpath through the rest of 2014 in the 2015 without even going for the World Heavyweight Title. But finally he had his eyes on the prize and gained the championship defending it on more than one occasion successfully.

Ethan Carter was definitely a made man. He would lose the title to Matt Hardy later in the year leading into the convoluted World Title Series leading into January in which he recaptured the title against Hardy. Even though EC3 was the stereotypical heel, he definitely entertained the fans with his promo ability and in ring work.

This would lead to a double turn in which Carter would become the sympathetic baby face against the Matt Hardy brand. His old friend/Rival Rockstar Spud would be added into the mix joining Hardy for the wrongs of the past. Carter became the ultimate company Babyface without losing his edge.

Mike Bennett and Maria made their TNA debut the past January. And the power couple made their mark in record time giving themselves involved in storyline with Drew Galloway and Carter soon. The pair talk about making change in the company and saving TNA Wrestling. While I had my reservation on all the hype, Impact Wrestling started to be the Mike and Maria show. Mike Bennett had been the promise In Ring of Honor for many years but didn’t really reach his potential in my opinion. But now it seems TNA is really hedging their bets on Bennett and his wife for the future of the company. I think you can find no better evidence of this than the fact that The Miracle broke the undefeated streak. That’s the biggest thing the TNA could have given Mike Bennett get him over as a big deal. Even more than the World Heavyweight Title

The question is what’s next? We’ve seen in previous streaks broken in professional wrestling that it’s all about the follow-up. If they don’t capitalize on this on both Ethan Carter and Mike Bennett’s momentum going forward, then this is all for not. I think it’s a shame that this happened in the least prosperous time in the company. Viewership is down and fan interest is at an all-time low. You can only do this once.

Do I think Mike Bennett was the best guy for the streak to end? If he’s going to be the next guy sure. I can debate whether you could’ve given it to Drew Galloway or Rockstar Spud. But all good things have to come to an end sometime. As long as this is not forgotten and in the moment the matters going forward I have no problem with it.

As I said before the shame is that fans are more focused on whether the company will exist in any form by the end of this year. They don’t really care about Ethan Carter’s streak which is a shame. TNA has doing a really great job building a homegrown star that WWE couldn’t. Ethan Carter is the greatest success that the company has had in the last few years. And I’m sure they’re hoping that with this honor Mike Bennett will be the same but only time will tell. All people know is it seems TNA is trying everything to stay relevant as the business gets more questionable by the week.