As wrestling fans, we all know that not EVERY Wrestlemania is a winner. Sometimes the build is great, but the show sucks. Sometimes the build is terrible, but the show blows you away. Whatever happens, it goes without saying that Wrestlemania isn’t just ANY show. This is the show that defines the entire year. When you remember 2015, you will associate it with Wrestlemania 31. So why let the show itself dictate how much you enjoyed the weekend? Here are some things you HAVE to do in order to get the most out of Wrestlemania 31!


1. Get the WWE Network

Ok so this is a no brainer. Its only $9.99, you can pay month-to-month now so even if you only want to watch Mania, its still WAY cheaper than ordering the PPV. You can now watch the network on almost any device you can think of including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Roku…. seriously its almost anything. There is no excuse for ordering the PPV at this point. Click here and sign up, you will need it later in this list.


2. Watch the Hall Of Fame live.

Look even if you don’t like that this person or this person is getting in, this is a can’t miss event, especially this year with Randy Savage going in. You can watch it live in its entirety on the WWE Network or if you miss it Saturday night you can watch it on demand following the event.

ROH SuperCard Of Honor IX

3. Check out some Indy Wrestling

If you aren’t aware, there is a lot of wrestling out there that isn’t WWE. Wrestlemania weekend has become the defacto “Wrestling Day” for American wrestling promotions. If you are going to Mania and can’t get into the HoF, just look around. There is enough wrestling around to turn this “event” into a 3 day long experience. Most of these events are broadcast online, so now that you ordered the Network and have an extra $70 burning a hole in your pocket, why not use it to support an indy company?


4. Keep Up To Date

Read all the news you can. Absorb yourself into wrestling that weekend. Every year half the drama goes on backstage and sites like ours or can keep you up to date on whats happening.

5. Be As Comfortable As Possible

Right now think about the most comfortable, reasonable set up you can have to watch 4 hours of wrestling and do whatever you can to get to that point. I know this one seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t plan it out and spend all of Wrestlemania fighting with their wife about using the living room or on hold with the pizza place. Plan ahead.

6. Take it SERIOUSLY

Get mad, be happy, take it dead seriously. Get lost in the experience. Let your guard down for one night and cheer who you want, boo who you want. Get online and complain or talk about how amazing something was. Stand up in your house and yell at the TV and when your roommate makes fun of you, just feel bad for them because they don’t get it and you do. be proud of being a fan if only for one day..

7. Watch With Friends

I honestly this this is most important. Wrestlemania is  a collective experience. Get your wrestling buddies together and spend the whole day getting ready. You can BBQ, drink some beer, talk about wrestling, watch some old Manias and just have a blast. Make this your wrestling holiday. If you don’t have people around you, get online and find people to watch with you. Here is a link to our Facebook group. Join it and I promise you there are plenty of people there who would love to talk some wrestling. On the day of Wrestlemania we will be broadcasting all day right here with audio shows and a live chat. Pre show before, commentary during and post show after with a live chat open the whole time. If you didn’t have wrestling friends before, you do now.

If you do these 7 things, I assure you that you will have a Wrestlemania Weekend to remember. Enjoy the show and I will see you in the chat!

About The Author

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