Hello everyone, long time no see. I just want to give you an apology for the lack of updates on the website in the last week. The short story of what happened is pretty simple. My left elbow became infected due to a spider bite and traveled halfway up my arm. After some very strong antibiotics over the last week, things are looking better but I can’t do much work for the time being. I apologize to those who have followed our site over the years for the content we provide. I’m trying to find a way to update the site. Anyone who knows me over the last two years knows my commitment to bring our content to you. I hated not being able to give you the latest information, but it could not be helped. I’m not fully back yet. But I’m getting there. I hope you can stick with this us as I try to figure out how to get the site back on track for both news and other surprises I’ve been thinking about to make the PW Pop experience a little bit more dynamic.

About The Author

Dan is host of Shooting from the Hip which you can hear every Sunday at 8pm EST, 7pm CST right here on PWpop.com.