WWE announced the following:

“WWE has granted Adam Rose’s request to be released, as of today, May 23, 2016. WWE wishes Rose the best in all his future endeavors.”

It’s been no secret that Ray “Adam Rose” Leppan has had a tumultuous relationship with WWE in recent months. Coming off a second wellness policy violation this past April. Leppan said his suspension was unfair saying that he unjustly punished due to an ADHD medication he was taking the WWE was aware about even going so far as to publish a doctors note. A few weeks ago, things got real as the domestic argument between Leppan and his wife in the Florida home led to charges of domestic battery and tampering with a witness. The latter being a felony charge in the state of Florida. At his arraignment, Leppan’s wife begged for leniency as the couple have a special needs child, his bail was set at thousand dollars an offense. He was released from custody but has to return to court next month to receive his sentencing for the charges.