– Alberto el Patron deal was finalized on Wednesday, the day before he flew in and won the TNA title. The storyline with Alberto is pretty much what was originally planned for Drew Galloway before he opted not to stay with the company, so in an alternative universe somewhere, Galloway won the title last night. They will follow up on the controversy regarding the end of the match on tonight’s taping.

– While he is in Orlando, Konnan was not backstage at last night’s taping. He is expected to be there tonight and appearing on camera.

– It’s been rumored of them using the LAX name. Homicide is expected back this week. Hernandez, however, is not slated to return.

– Bruce Prichard will be involved with Bobby Lashley going forward but will also have additional on-air roles. There has been talk of adding someone in a Lashley mouthpiece role dating back a few weeks and others were considered and even approached before Prichard was brought in.

– Kevin Matthews, Fallah Bah and Mario Bokara were all backstage last night waiting to debut.

– Reno Scum wore the GFW Tag Team belts to the ring last night, so those titles are going to be recognized with the idea that it’s a different company.

Source PWInsider.com

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