TNA continues to tape television tonight in Orlando.

PW Insider reported the following yesterday about the announcement of Billy Corgan being the new TNA President and Dixie Carter now assuming the role of Chairman of TNA’s parent company, Impact Ventures:

For those who have asked, today’s announcement that Billy Corgan is now the President of TNA’s parent company, Impact Ventures, is 100% legitimate and is not some storyline deal. Impact Ventures is the parent company that was created after Panda Energy divested themselves of TNA and the company became a separate entity.

An official announcement was made today during a meeting with the TNA roster and staff in Orlando with Dixie Carter explaining the change and officially welcoming Corgan to his new post. Corgan received a huge round of applause when he was announced and spent about ten minutes discussing his hopes and strategy for the company.

There was a huge uptick in morale backstage after the announcement among those we’ve spoken with.

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