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Book It: WCW Invades WWE

September 6, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “Book It” Last week, I started a trilogy of post about the WWE purchasing WCW and the subsequent invasion. So today I wanted to focus more on the invasion angle that lead through WWE after WCW closed it’s doors in 2001. Let’s take a look at the invasion angle as it stands right now.

The particular incident in this post centers around the WCW/ECW invasion of WWE that occurred in the summer of 2001. Most people see this entire angle as a way of trying to help with the influx of talent. Others see it as a blind road that WWE had no real reason to walk down. Regardless of what you think it was, or wasn’t, the entire thing played out in front of our eyes. From Stone Cold switching sides mid-battle, or WCW hosting an hour of nitro in the spot of an hits of Raw. Some things made sense, others left fans scratching their heads. Then came the actual invasion PPV which almost acted like a soft test for the brand split of later years.

The entire storyline came to an end in a traditional survivor series match that saw WWE end the alliance once and for all.

Now comes the fun part, what if WWE would have lost? That’s the angle I want to take as I explore this topic.

To be honest There’s A LOT that would have had to of went into making this particular thing a reality. The first thing is that the alliance would be in charge of the whole roster. This alone is hard to pull off but it could have been for only a couple of weeks with WWE wrestlers throwing up protest because they didn’t want to work with the alliance. This could lead to a walk out of sorts.

This could have lasted for a couple of weeks and eventually lead to a “brand” split. In this split you’ll have WCW taking over Smackdown, renaming it Nitro possibly. And now we’d have Raw vs. Nitro in a manner that would have given a lot of different wrestlers a lot of chance to shine just like the actual Raw vs. Smackdown brand split.

The only problem with this particular idea, is that Vince McMahon, the power hungry man that he is, I don’t expect that the entire experiment would last long. Plus, Vince wouldn’t have put as much into the brand since it’s not his brain child. Vince is extremely selfish that way. So if things did play out this way, what would happen when it was all over? That’s the topic that I will be discussing next week.

Until then, be sure to like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, and sign up for my mailing list. Also, feel free to comment what you think could happen in the comments section. Also, you can share your own topic ideas in the comments section as well. Until next week, I’m Kyle Robinson picking up my pen and closing the book on this chapter.

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