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The Brass Ring that even Sonic The Hedgehog couldn’t reach

So hello everyone, in case you’re not sure who I am, this is Kyle Robinson co-host of the Wrestling Niche. Normally, I don’t do a lot of writing for the site. However, since I’m trying to get back into the writing game I wanted to kind of re-break my teeth in writing. Because of that, I wanted to take a minute to write a post kind of giving my thoughts on a lot of the things in wrestling in the last week. With that said, Let’s get Started.

CM Punk’s Come Clean Interview
A week ago on Thanksgiving we as wrestling fans received one of the most interesting, and insane pieces of media that we’ve gotten in a long time. The illustrious and controversial CM Punk finally came clean on The Art of Wrestling Podcast on Thursday. It was an hour and a half long, or somewhere around in there. It answered a lot of questions fans had about the Second City Saints departure from the company and brought up a lot of interesting facts about how the company operates should any of them come out to be true.
Here is my take on the entire thing. I don’t for one second feel as if CM Punk was out for attention, or just out to complain. I feel that this story is as legit as it gets and I don’t see any reason that the man has to lie. Based on what we know of Phil Brooks the man, and CM Punk the wrestler, he doesn’t seem like the kind of man to just outright lie. I feel as if this podcast was his chance to really get his story out there. As Paul Jordan, and CM Punk said himself, he could have been paid a lot of money for that interview, but did it with his friend Colt Cabana. It was a lot of back and forth bullshitting that I felt was very well done. At the end of the day I feel as if Punk had some demons and didn’t know how to really rid himself of them without this outlet. Either way, I felt that it was done well and Punk just went out and told everyone how he honestly felt.

McMahon/ Austin Interview
Cyber Monday also saw a gift to the Wrestling universe as Stone Cold Steve Austin sat down with The Boss, Mr. McMahon to do a live interview for his Stone Cold Podcast featured on the WWE Network. As one of the biggest fans of Stone Cold I decided I had to watch this interview live and I’m glad that I did. Austin didn’t pull any punches, and He put McMahon in an interesting position. McMahon was quoted as saying that no one has grabbed the “brass ring” since Cena, and that talent really are responsible for getting themselves over.
While there is a degree of truth to that second statement, most educated wrestling fans know that there’s also a lot to do with booking. Take in point, Zach Ryder. He got himself over, and guess what, WWE squashed it. Ceasaro was well on his way to getting a massive fanbase after Mania but Vince ruined that. Austin pointed out facts like that, Vince had no real answer. Overall, the interview was very eye opening into the way Vince thinks, even if it mildly crazy. I’d highly suggest going out and taking a listen to both of these interviews if given the chance. Before we move on from the topic of Podcast though, I’d like to reference the beginning of the second half of the CM Punk Interview for just a second.

Punk’s Busy Week
As most heard there was a second part to the Art of Wrestling Interview with CM Punk. I haven’t yet heard that particular edition of the show. However, as a very profrane man there is a quote at the beginning of it that I thoroughly loved. “There are no bad words, just bad intentions.” Punk Began. “I can say Fuck as much as I want and if I offend you it’s your fucking problem.” He added in response to how people responded to his use of Fuck in the first interview. I just threw that in here because it’s become one of my new favorite quotes.
That brings me to more CM Punk news that we heard over the weekend. CM Punk has decided to sign a UFC contract to step into the octagon sometimes next year for his first fight. As a wrestling fan I can’t really put into words the way I feel about this particular announcement. On one hand I’m excited for Punk and his future. At the same time it’s kind of a surprise given Punk’s age. Most people feel as if Punk will completely fail at this endeavor. I don’t know what to think given UFC’s stiff athletes. However, as a Punk fan I support him and look to see what happens.
The Rest of the World of Pro Wrestling
While the night after Survivor Series didn’t really capitalize on the momentum that WWE had built, it wasn’t a bad show. Quite the contrary. The show wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. Larry the Cable guy was a nice touch and personally I’d like to see him on WWE TV again, though I feel as if I’m probably in the Minority when I say that.
Fast forward a week to the Cyber Monday edition of Raw. When the anonymous GM was brought up I immediately was turned off. However, I have to give WWE credit they used the gimmick to really push the TLC card and didn’t make it the focus of the entire program and that was the way that it should have been. The show was actually fairly good top to bottom and it moved things along in a logical order and I’m okay with that. Thus far the Build to TLC hasn’t been bad but tomorrow night is the go home show if I’m not mistaken. They need to cement some more matches but all in all this looks like a decent show to close out the year. Hopefully they continue to build everything properly though sometimes I don’t know about WWE’s long term plans. I can only hope that their new year’s resolution is to pull their heads out of their ass, and get it straight.
With that said, my time here and my deadline for wanting to finish this piece is running low. With that said join myself, Jake, and Scott every Thursday for the Wrestling Niche. Also, be sure to get all of your wrestling needs from the illustrious Until the next time this is the Big guy, over and out.

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