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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while, but your favorite part time writer making his return to the writing staff, this time on the new site, and with my return, this week I am going to be discussing the possibility of Brock Lesner winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and how it could end up being the wrong thing for WWE. I know you all are going to call me a Cena mark, and I want things to stay the same, but this week, I will explain how the WWE can start to make a change, beginning with the WWE Title.


Brock’s Return

When Brock made his first return in 2012, his first opponent was in fact John Cena, and when Cena beat him at Extreme Rulez, he was apparently so upset with how WWE Creative wanted to use him, he told not only Vince, but Hunter as well they could take the contract he signed and go to hell. Eventually, they caved and gave into some of his demands, including letting him and Paul Heyman decide when he would appear, and who he would face. It was the same kind of deal that WWE rejected when Brock left after Wrestlemania 20, when he went to the MMA world to fight once every year until he got a mysterious “illness” that he miraculously recovered from just in time to make his 2012 return. Then over the last couple years, he’s been involved in three major feuds, one with Hunter that spanned a year and a half, the second was against CM Punk that went one month and could have been better if Brock would have more receptive to putting someone over other than himself. The third was against The Undertaker, and for some reason, the WWE decided to let the man who spit on the wrestling business and the WWE when he left in 2004 be the one who ended the greatest streak in wrestling, the Undertaker’s undefeated streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania. So, since his return in 2012, he’s been in exactly 6 matches, and he is 4-2 in those matches. Add to that he only appears once every 3 months, and that’s if he feels like it. Sure, that sounds like someone who should be number one contender. If you take that into effect, then there could be numerous wrestlers that could claim to be the number one contender as well.



Pro’s and Con’s of Brock winning at Summerslam

Now, with the chances of Brock winning the title, what could that mean for the WWE? While it will be something different (a new champion that hasn’t held the title in almost 10 years), this fan doesn’t think it would be that different than when Brock was champion back in 2004. He wasn’t willing back then to helping put guys over by getting better in the ring or on the mic, which is probably why he lost the title to Eddie Guerrero and didn’t get a rematch in the first place. And with the current roster the WWE has, there are quite a few guys who could possibly make a title run. Now, Brock winning the title will mean that the title will only be seen every couple months, and that’s if Brock decides to defend it against someone who could beat him for it. In my opinion, giving the company’s main title to yet another part time wrestler (and I use wrestler very loosely) takes even more meaning away from it than when The Rock won it back when CM Punk lost it. At least Dwayne had some respect for the company, considering he grew up in the business. Brock is only there because Vince and Hunter are paying him. If he were to get upset about having to drop the title to anyone, or was wanting more money and didn’t get his way, who knows what he could do this time. Last time he wasn’t anywhere near the title picture, so it wasn’t a problem for him to leave. But now, with the possibility existing that he could in fact win the title, the chance that he could just leave the company and take the title and leave the WWE without a world champion is a very real possibility.



What Can They Do?

There are a few viable options for the WWE to do instead of having either Brock or Cena as champion after Summer Slam. One option is making Seth Rollins the champ. Yes, he just split from Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns from the Shield, and could lose the MITB Briefcase at SS (If that’s the stip in his match against Ambrose), but I could see Seth as a decent, albeit a short run champion. One other option in my opinion to have as the champion is Cesaro. He has decent mic skills, is great in the ring, and can make almost anyone look like they are real good in the ring. He is capable of putting on 5 star matches against anyone they put in front of him (look at his matches with Cena and Orton in the last few months) and there’s nobody stronger than he is. Now, I understand that he’s only been in the company on the main roster for a little over a year, but he’s done a lot over that time. He’s won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal (carrying Big Show halfway across the ring to win it), had a good, although somewhat forgettable run with the United States Title, and can at the drop of a dime, have a 5 star match with any on the top stars whenever the company needs him to. So, in my honest opinion, there is only 1 real option for a new champion after Summer Slam, and it’s Cesaro.


And with that, there is my return to the world of writing about professional wrestling. Sometime this week, I will be putting a poll up about what my next article will be about, and I want everyone to vote on it. So tune in next week, because you never know what I will either take a bite out of, or make a “highlight” of, until you see it here, on the Big Bite.

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