Paul Heyman was in Las Vegas at last night’s Brock Lesnar fight.

For those wondering if WWE will bring him to Raw to capitalize on Brock’s victory over Mark Hunt, that won’t be happening as Heyman is flying to the UK for his tour of Q&A events for Inside the Ropes.

Brock Lesnar was paid $2.5 million for the fight, according to MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.

Lesnar came out to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

Sable (Lesnar’s wife) was shown celebrating in the Octagon with him after the fight.

Brock was non-committal as to whether he is done fighting in UFC.

CM Punk was in attendance at the fight. No word on whether he and Lesnar had any interaction.

Actor Eric Stonestreet tweeted:

The Great Khali did an interview in which he discussed racism in wrestling, WWE and more. You check that out by going here.

Alberto Del Rio was interviewed by the International Business Times and was asked what he thought of India while on a press tour of 2K Games. The Former World Champion said the country is a big market for WWE and the company will be back in September. You check out the interview by going here.

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