When I was seven years old, WCW went over to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annual Tokyo Dome show and bringing it to pay-per-view. It is without a doubt one of my favorite childhood memories in regards to wrestling. Jim Ross along with Tony Schiavone opened up my perspective on the scope and reach of the art form. I love so much. It proved that no matter the language barrier, culture, or political backgrounds professional wrestling will always be universal. Almost 14 years later, Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling brought New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom show to North American pay-per-view and it made those same sentiments ring true.

There’s always that debates that wrestling needs to evolve in its presentation. I actually think he needs to go back in a way. Not to say that it should go back to the days of Gorgeous George , Backlund, Billy Robinson and others. But the show proved that when a product is taken seriously and not treated like background music it makes such the difference. Those who clamor for something new in the wrestling world, Try this. There is absolutely phenomenal work from top to bottom.

Many in the industry were curious how the pairing of Jim Ross and Matt Striker were going to do translating a foreign product to an English-speaking audience. I thought personally the pairing did well, telling the stories and the personalities going into the battles adding a new context that wasn’t available to me when I watched the Japanese version. Announcers should give context and help you feel more excited about the conflict between the two sides and not overpower the segment.

WWE definitely has a mind share above no regard when it comes to the Pro wrestling audience, but I feel fans are doing themselves a disservice not ordering the show and checking out a different presentation. Matches like the UWFI Rules match, The Never Open Weight Title Match and AJ Styles versus Naito were great matches, stood out in my mind as we strong showings that you can do really simple things and it means so much more. I would love to see a UWF style division in American promotions. I think it’s really could influence getting MMA fans back and watching wrestling. Ironically, it is the same philosophy that pro-wrestling used in the 70s. But you know what they say what is old to some to can be new to others.

The top matches were without a doubt some of the best work I’ve seen. Kenny Omega is without a doubt a top star in the making for New Japan. The Junior Heavyweight Title Match really showed how the Canadian Star has evolved since the last time I saw few years ago. He has become quite the character by far the MVP of the night for Bullet Club. However, the match of the night has to be Intercontinental Championship Match. Nakamura has infinite charisma and really felt like no one else on the card. Ibushi was the great foil for the showman as the two went back-and-forth with a lot of physical action. It was like a Japanese version of Macho Man versus Ricky Steamboat to use an analogy. And the main event was nothing but stellar. Tanashi versus Okada was a fight for the ages and was given almost an hour, which by American standards is insane but the two men held my interest to the very end.

If you want to see an alternative this is your cornucopia of great wrestling action with a little bit of something for everybody. The stories are simple and universal with great technical skill, a little bit of shenanigans and awesome battles of wrestlers trying to be the best at their profession. Is the replay worth your time? I say yes. Throw down your money and be happy. It really does prove that wrestling at its basic levels still works and makes a lot of money. I know I’ll be checking in from time to time on New Japan and I hope you will too.