– Match Number One
Missile Assault Man defeated Proletariat Boar of Moldova

– Match Number Two
Frightmare defeated Silver Ant by DQ
When behind referee back Frightmare removed his mask and made it look like Silver Ant had unmasked him. Unmasking your opponent is an instant DQ in CHIKARA.

– Match Number Three

Juan Francisco de Coronado retains the Grand Championship defeating Oleg the Usurper

– Match Number Four

The Rules are 33 people come in at 88 second intervals. Eliminations occur when a competitor is pinned, submitted, or thrown over the top rope and to the floor where both feet much touch for the elimination to be official. The winner gets a “Golden Opportunity” to be used at any point.

Order of Entry
1.Officer Bruno Meloni
2.Ice Cream Jr.
4.Delmi Exo
5.Race Jaxon
6.Jaciel Cordoba
7.UltraMantis Black
8.Sloan Caprice
9.Mark Angelosetti
10.Sonny Defarge
13.Sumie Sakai
14.Rick Roland
15.Dasher Hatfield
16.Jessica Troy
18.Hermit Crab
19.Cornelius Crummels
21.Donald Kluger
22.Dr. Rod Diamondfire
23.Mick Moretti
24.Lucas Calhoun
25.Cajun Crawdad
26.Ashley Vox
27.Rory Gulak
28.Officer Warren Barksdale
30.Jeremy Leary
31.Solo Darling
33.The Whisper

Order of Elimination
1. Officer Bruno Meloni by UltraMantis Black via Cosmic Doom
2. Razerhawk over the top rope and bulldogged on the apron
3. Delmi Exo by Ice Cream Jr. over the top rope
4. Ice Cream Jr. by Ultramantis Black over the top rope
5. UltraMantis Black via Race Jaxon over the top rope
6. Race Jaxon by Jaciel Cordoba (over the top rope)
7. Jaciel Cordoba via schoolboy by Sloan Caprice (thanks to powder to Jaciel from Juan Francisco de Coronado)
8. Rick Roland by Sloan Caprice over the top rope (friendly fire)
9. Sloan Caprice via pinfall by The Throwbacks (3D)
10. Sumie Sakai via pinfall by Merlok (Emerald Flowsion)
11. Dr. Rod Diamondfire via pinfall by Jessica Troy, Cornelius Crummels, and Sonny Defarge
12. Dasher Hatfield via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad
13. Merlok over the top rope by Icarus and Obariyon
14. Mick Moretti over the top rope by Sylverhawk
15. Cornelius Crummela over the top rope by Hermit Crab
16. Donald Kluger via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad
17. Jessica Troy via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad
18. Cajun Crawdad via pinfall by Icarus (reverse STO)
19. Hermit Crab via pinfall by Icarus (reverse STO)
20. Icarus via over the top by Lucas Calhoun
21. Obariyon over the top rope by Hallowicked
22 and 23. A clothesline from Lucas Calhoun sends himself and Jeremy Leary over the top rope and to the floor.
24. Sonny Defarge via pinfall by Mark Angelosetti (Flea Flicker)
25. Ashley Vox over the top rope by Hallowicked
26. Ophidian via pinfall via The Whisper (Cut-Throat Bomb)
27. Officer Warren Barksdale over the top rope by Sylverhawk
28. Rory Gulak over the top rope by Sylverhawk
29. Sylverhawk via submission by The Whisper
30 and 31. Mark Angelosetti and Hallowicked are dropkicked off the apron simultaneously by The Whisper.
32. The Whisper over the top rope by Solo Darling.

Winner: Solo Darling

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