I know what you’re here for, you want the dirt on Chris Benoit! Well don’t worry dear reader, I will get there, but first, I want to crack another story wide open….




Brian Pillman Faked His Death!!

Trust me. After you read THESE FACTS, you will know the undeniable truth.

  1. Pillman himself worshiped Andy Kaufman and at one point said told WOW! Magazine that if given the chance he would love to, in his words, “Pull the ultimate prank”  just like Kaufman had. Many people believe Kaufman also faked his own death.
  2. Brian took out a huge life insurance policy on himself just weeks before his “death”.
  3. Pillman had told close friends that he wanted out of his WWE contract so that he could spend time with his family. He even consulted a lawyer but found that his contract was iron clad.
  4. WWE did not make a big deal out of his death at the Badd Blood PPV he was supposed to wrestle at (and win a title) because they knew he had done it. They only decided to go along with it once Pillman convinced his wife to grant them an interview the next night.
  5. Paul Roma stated in a shoot interview for RF Video that Pillman had come to him years earlier with the same plan and needed his help but Paul refused.
  6. Kevin Sullivan, a satanist and possible murderer of Christ Benoit and his family also hated Pillman and his whereabouts for the night Brian died were never confirmed.
  7. This Image was taken in a hotel lobby…. 3 days AFTER Pillman was supposed to have died!0


So there you have it…. undeniable proof that Pillman is still alive! Thanks for your time. If you take this list, please credit us on your Facebook fan page or the forum you copy and paste it in!




Okay, are you still there? Good. I wanted to get rid of the people who won’t believe what I have to say no matter what. There are some people who want to believe everything even if the facts they are presented are misleading or, in the case of what I wrote above, complete bullshit.

These “Fact Lists” are always funny because they are never outright sourced, only vaguely pointing at out of print publications or ghost “news reports” they saw. Sometimes they don’t have a clear agenda, saying “well here are 8 facts that lead credence to  4 different theories, therefore one of those HAVE to be true!”. Sometimes they present a fact that has a very simple explanation but instead twist it to support their pov, and sometimes, well, they just make stuff up.

There has been a list that pops up every few months on Facebook or some forum. Its supposed to be the “24 Reasons That Will PROVE Chris Benoit Is Innocent!!!11!!” or something like that. Best I can tell it originated with this video from some random podcast. Some facts have been changed/updated for the print version.

Below I will go over the list in its entirety and explain why its total bullshit.

1) Chavo Guerrero – a close friend of Benoit- told WWE magazine that he talked to Chris for while on Friday night on his house phone. About 45 minutes into the conversation, Chris told him that there was somebody knocking at his door and he was going to see who it was. Shortly after Chris answered the door, there was a “scuffle” and then his house phone line went dead. Chris could only be reached on his cell phone about 3 hours later. This is very significant. This explains why there was no forced entry. Chris let the killer or killers in.

I have been doing a ton of research over the past few hours and can find no hint, other than this list, that WWE ever broke their “No Benoit” policy to allow one of their employees the opportunity to admit that he committed negligent homicide. He did say this on Jericho’s podcast.

To me this sounds like a friend who doesn’t want to believe his friend was capable of being a monster. He goes back through his memory and remembers that time Chris put his phone down while he was doing a rep at the gym and BOOM! he found it. If it was as serious as Chavo makes it out to be, one would think he would have done something. Or maybe Chavo is a terrible friend.

2) After Chavo reached Chis on his cell phone, he said that Chris sounded very odd, groggy and tired. He also said that Chris told him “I Love You Chavo” which sounded forced. The WWE also said that when Chris called in and told them that Nancy and Daniel were sick he did not sound like himself. He sounded groggy. Chris then said “I Love You” which they say was out of context because he usually didn’t say this.

Dude had a mental breakdown large enough to kill himself and his family. I bet he wasn’t in his right mind. See also Chavo stuff from before.

3) Chris Benoit’s cell phone is missing. The police cannot find his cell phone or the needles they say Chris used to inject himself with steroids shortly before he died. The police have turned his cell phone off.

This is another “fact” that I can’t find a source for. Also the Toxicology report stated he did not have steroids in his system.

4) Chris was not hanging from the weight machine, he was laying on the floor underneath the machine. Another officer said that Benoit was “slumped” against the weight machine.

True, but proves nothing. He killed himself by attaching his neck to the part of the machine that normally hold weights and pulling down on the bar until he strangled himself to death.

5) There was a white cloth wrapped around Chris’ neck. If he was so suicidal why would he care if his neck was bruised?

If the wire around his neck had broken his neck or cut him, Benoit may have lost control and let go of the bar before he was dead. Counter question: If someone went through the trouble of wrapping a  towel around his neck, why would they leave it there?

6) The medical examiner says that Chris Benoit died on Saturday. The text messages were sent on Sunday. Chris was already dead so who sent the text messages? It is noted that nobody talked to Chris on Sunday.

Total bullshit. He died Sunday.

7) The steroids found in Chris’ house were not in his body.

So? He hadn’t taken them yet? They were the ones he was injecting in Daniel? He was holding them for a friend? Who cares?

8) If Chris’ had murdered his family then why did he need to text people? Think about it. Everybody was dead. Nobody would hear him talking so why text? Calling would have been easier. (I believe the killer text Benoit’s address to get somebody to come to the house to find the bodies)

Because it was 3:50 am. Who answers their phone at 3:50 am. Also who cares?

9) Chris sent Chavo a text message telling him his address. Why would he do this? Chavo already knew were Chris lived. He spent the previous weekend with him.

One time I was texting Michael Classic about a show we were going to do. I looked down and realized i just texted my wife “Randy Orton Rest Stop Report”.

10) Chris’ body was badly de- composed, about the same as Nancy’s. This shows he died sooner than Sunday.

Total Bullshit, no source to back this up.

11) Why would he tie up Nancy to kill her? He was a big guy. He could have just hit her one good time and she would have been out.

I dunno, maybe insane murderer guy didn’t think this whole thing through very well?

12) Ray also told me that the world press is reporting the manner of the deaths wrong. He says that Daniel was shot in his head and Nancy was shot in her chest.

Who is Ray? Who are you? Nancy and Daniel were choked to death.

13) Chavo said that the Chris Benoit seemed “worried” about something but he could not get Chris to open up and tell him why he was worried.

Maybe he was worried about the fact that he was going to kill his wife and son.

14) There was no Bible besides Chris’ body. Why would he place a bible beside Nancy and Daniel and not place one beside his own if he knew he was about to take his own life?

Yes there was. It was on the weight bench.

15) There were 10 empty beer cans and an empty body of wine besides Chris’ body. He tested negative for alcohol.

I have an empty bottle of Mountain Dew next to me but I wouldn’t test positive for Mountain Dew because it has been sitting there for a week. It was his weight room, maybe he didn’t clean it every day? Also Nancy had alcohol in her system.

16) The toxicology confirmed that Chris had Hydrocodone (pain killer) Xanex (anti-anxiety drug). I have used both of these. These 2 drugs combined will sedate Chris and make him very sleepy. So he could not fight back.

Who are you? Anyways, he had normal therapeutic levels in his system. You think a big guy like Benoit, who I assure you had experience with pain meds, is gonna be sedated by a therapeutic amount of Vicodin?

17) The police originally said that Daniel died on Friday because his body was badly de-composing. This supports my belief that all 3 died on Friday night. The police changed the manner of Daniel’s death 3 times. 1st he died from a garbage bag, 2nd he died from a choke hold, 3rd he was smothered by a pillow. Why would they keep changing?

Because its early in an investigation and due to the high profile nature of the case, people want answers. As the police learned more about what happened, so did we. Sometimes police don’t get it right the first time, thats why they investigate.

18) The police kept changing the location of where Nancy’s body was found. 1st she was found in the downstairs family room. 2nd she was found in the upstairs bedroom. 3rd she was found in the house office.

Police didn’t change it, different media outlets reported different things because they are slimy journalists who will report anything for ratings. Kinda like what I am doing right now.

19) Chris’ father said that Chris called him on father’s day and told him that he wished he could spend more time with his family but he had to work. One of Nancy’s friend says that Nancy Loved Chris and she had no plans to leave him.

She filed for divorce, then changed her mind. They were a wild couple, ups and downs. Sometimes they were happy and sometimes they weren’t.

20) Retired Wrestler Bam Bam Bigalow died 1-19-07. Sherry Martel died 6-15-07. The Benoit family died 6-22-07. Since this family died, 2 other wrestlers have died. (Brian Adams and Johnny Crush in July and August 07) Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Brian Pillman all died the night before they were set to win title belts. Sherry Martel’s death is even more suspicious to me. Sherry Martel had ties to Nancy Benoit’s ex-husband Kevin Sullivan. The circumstances surrounding her death have not been released.

Man, thats sad. BTW, Pillman wasn’t fighting for a title at Badd Blodd, I made that up earlier. I got the idea from this list. Is this implying that Kevin Sullivan did it? Or that the WWE did it? Why would the cops care to cover up either of them?

21) Kevin Sullivan told Chris Benoit that he would kill him. Kevin is currently a high ranking member of a satanic cult. Kevin is also on the WWE Board of Directors. Kevin Sullivan also had motive to kill Daniel Benoit because he was Chris and Nancy’s offspring. Retired wrestler Dusty Roads said that “he danced with the devil” when working with Kevin Sullivan who is known as being Cold-hearted and conniving. The Benoit family was murdered on the 10-year anniversary of Nancy’s divorce from Kevin Sullivan.

Wow, ok. Lets take this one in order.

Kevin Sullivan told Chris Benoit that he would kill him.

Maybe he did, but it wasn’t publicly, Benoit didn’t report it or tell anyone. Besides, dude stole his wife, I’m sure he said a lot of things in anger.

Kevin is currently a high ranking member of a satanic cult.

Ok, this rumor started from *drumroll* Hulk Hogan who said Sullivan was a satanist in a passing comment to a tabloid. Sullivan had done a Satan worshiping gimmick in Fla in the 70’s, but no proof has ever come out that supports that he is actually a Satanist

Kevin is also on the WWE Board of Directors.

Lol, wrong Kevin Sullivan. There are 3 Kevin Sullivan’s in wrestling

Kevin Sullivan also had motive to kill Daniel Benoit because he was Chris and Nancy’s offspring.


Retired wrestler Dusty Roads said that “he danced with the devil” when working with Kevin Sullivan who is known as being Cold-hearted and conniving.

Danced with the devil, in Fla, where he worked with Kevin in the late 70’s….

The Benoit family was murdered on the 10-year anniversary of Nancy’s divorce from Kevin Sullivan.

Well not exactly, but the same year so there is that. Oh and only 2 of them were murdered, one was a suicide.

22) Nancy Benoit’s death was posted on the internet, 14 hours before her body was found.

Yep. The guy who did it read a rumor and changed Wikipedia, he also posted some pretty mean things on Stacy Keebler and Steely Dan’s page. He has come out and apologized since. The police searched his house and computer and found no connection. Spooooooky.

23) Weeks before he died, Chris Benoit’s colleagues said that Chris began taking alternate routes to and from work and back to his house. Chris and Nancy believed that somebody was following them. Chris’ friends dismissed his worries as paranoia.

Alternate routes back to his house from the airport? Or did he drive to work everyday no matter where WWE was?

24) The Benoit family was murdered the same week that the WWE had a story line of “Who killed Vince McMahon.”

Wait? So we are back to WWE did it? And left us clues via a TV storyline? That they cancelled?

Thats the true problem with this theory. The police would be ignoring clues to cover up who? Vince? Kevin Sullivan?


After years of Damage to his brain, Chris Benoit snapped and killed his Wife and Son….. Isn’t that crazy enough?


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