IGN has an article looking at the top six changes to the WWE 2K 17 videogame coming in October 11 in the US. Some of these are changes to multi-man matches, a new retooled ladder match, a new reversal dynamic and more.

WWE.com has an article with a panel of experts what the top eight finishers are in the company right now. Check that out by going here.

Although she is still out injured , reportedly with nerve damage in her shoulder and neck, Paige is still on the road to film “Total Divas” material.

In an interview I posted earlier from Fox Sports Daniel Bryan indicated that Brie Bella is also still filming for Total Divas as well. The 10 episode spinoff series looking at the wedding of Nikki and Brie’s mother to former Raw and Smackdown GM John Laurenitis begins airing October 5 on E!

WWE Network has officially added the fan-voted “Summerslam Most Heated Rivalry” collection which features all the moments in the 2002 rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Plus, the Up Up Down Down section has been added to the Originals category. But no content has officially been added as of this writing.

However, in the last few hours new episodes have been uploaded to The Vault of NWA World Championship Wrestling in 1988. The service continues to fill out to offering of late 1980s 6:05 PM TBS staple

Tonight at 9:30 PM, FOX Sports presents the first of a four-part documentary on CM Punk’s move into the MMA world, titled, “UFC Presents: Evolution of Punk.” The documentary series will air every Monday over the next month, looking at the background of Punk and showcasing him to the MMA audience. Punk has been filmed from back in January 2015, so there’s a lot of ground they will be covering.

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