Book It: CM Punk’s Decent Into Obscurity

August 23, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “Book It” last week we talked about Brock Lesnar and what could have potentially happened if The Undertaker would have retired before Brock was able to end “The Streak” while the conversation is interesting, this week, I would like to switch focus a bit to another man who now calls the UFC home, CM Punk.

Now if you’re a wrestling fan you know who CM Punk is more then likely, either from his time on the independent scene or for his time in WWE, but now after leaving WWE, he signed a deal to fight in the UFC. A fight that while extremely hyped still hasn’t happened as of this writing. But CM Punks’ eventual debut in UFC isn’t why we are here today. Instead, today I would like to talk about the events that lead to Punk walking out the door and there are a few of them.

First, you have the loss to Brock Lesnsr. Punk said in the podcast interview he did, that he thought it was shit that he was losing to a guy who wouldn’t even be at Raw the next night, let alone running around to the house show circuit like Punk was.

Second, you have his loss to the Rock. Another loss to a part-time wrestler is bad enough but now you have this loss also ending Punks’ record setting 434 day title reign. Honestly, I’d call that a swift kick in the balls no matter who you are.

Third, Punks’ morale was gone. Couple this with the grinding schedule that it never seemed WWE wanted to give Punk a break from and it all ties together to make a very frustrated and angry individual that finally, at the end of his rope he took his ball and went home. Now I don’t personally condone this either as a fan, or a man who understands how business runs, but sometimes you have to make a stand. That’s what Punk believed he was doing.

But how would WWE, and maybe Punks’ career be different if WWE would have actually been able to keep the straight edge superstar happy and on the payroll? Let’s talk about that now.

First off, Punk was over big time. He was easily the most over superstar right behind John Cena. The problem was that Punk was never given the chance to be the top guy. He was one of the best wrestlers to ever step inside a WWE ring.

The last event Punk worked for WWE was the Royal Rumble. The same event where Batista, a man who had only come back the Monday before, won the match. This set up the main event for wrestlemania 30. That main event would seen Batista and Randy Orton square off for the title. However, history works funny and due to promoting from the crowd Daniel Bryan found himself in that main event. But, this was only after beating HHH earlier in the night. That was a match originally slated for CM Punk. So one would have to at least assume there was a chance Punk could have ended up in the main event had he stuck around.

More over then that, you’d have to think that given the reaction that the main event got when it was announced that Punk would her likely found himself very possibly ending up winning much like Bryan did. That would have given Punk not only his Mania Main Event, but also another title reign. This is something everyone could get behind.

I honestly think that Punk would still be a part of the roster and would be a big part of whatever program that he is on. Punk was a wasted talent that WWE kind of blew off, at least in a bigger way then they actually did. However that’s just my opinion you don’t have to agree. In fact I’d like to know what you think would have happened if Punk would have stuck around? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Next week guys, we begin a three part series that focuses around the purchase of WCW by WWE. Until then, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and join my Mailing List. Until next time I’m Kyle Robinson grabbing my pen and closing the book on this topic.