While in India, Dixie Carter did interviews with The International Business Times.

In one interview, Carter noted how she was looking for an Indian female wrestler, noting, “I would love to find a female pro wrestler from India. That would be an incredible addition to our [TNA Impact Wrestling] roster. Women have been an integral part of pro wrestling since its inception. To find a truly talented female wrestler from India would just be a sheer dream.”

Carter added that she will have conversations with three Indian female amateur wrestlers who have qualified for the Olympics, after they are over.

In another interview, she put over Bollywood wrestling/MMA-based movie “Sultan” and said she wanted the star of the movie, Salman Khan, inside an Impact Wrestling ring some day. She noted the company has held discussions with him in the past. Carter said, “We’ve talked to him in the past to collaborate in a project, but his scheduling conflicts haven’t made that happen so far. I love him. He’s a global superstar and loves to have fun and also admires sports. It would be a dream to work with him on a project.”