Emma tweeted the following update yesterday evening following surgery to repair a herniated disc in her back:

No timetable has officially been given for her return to the ring. I’m sure we will hear something in the next few weeks.

WWE has an article speculating whether Shawn Michaels will take up the Pittsburgh Penguins invitation to Sunday’s Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup playoff game, you can read more by going here.

The Wrap has the following comments by executive producer of the ESPY Awards Maura Mandt on why John Cena was chosen as host this year:

“John is not only a superstar athlete and entertainer, but also a motivational force who inspires fans across the globe. John approaches all of his endeavors with energy, enthusiasm and passion, so we expect him to bring a new level of excitement to the night’s celebration.”

The season finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD featured a WWE reference with a line about something being a stupid as “betting on Wrestlemania.” If they only knew…

The latest Rifftrax live movie theater presentation of “Time Chasers” featured jokes with references to Vince McMahon and the late, great Paul Bearer.

The New York Daily News featured a piece on today being the 70th birthday of WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant at this link.

WWE posted this video

An Andre the Giant biopic in the works based on the Lion Forge graphic novel released last year

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the first WWE Studios release ” See No Evil” starring Kane.