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Wrestling DVD Network reported the following on 22 more concepts for WWE DVD/Blu-ray in 2017:

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can confirm another 22 different Home Video concepts listed on there, including Superstar sets the likes of Kane, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Stephanie McMahon, New Day, along with feature sets such as “The Best of 1997” and a “History of WWE” box set.

WWE Women’s Revolution
Looking at the Women’s Division “from the days of the Fabulous Moolah to Sunny, to Trish, to Michelle McCool, and now to the future in Charlotte”. Interviews with important figures, discussion on how they changed the role of women in wrestling.

WrestleMania III – 30 Years Later
Looking at “the most important even in WWE history” and talking to the people who were there.

Top 25 Celebrity Moments
A countdown of celebrity involvement.

Survival Mode
The early 90s for the WWE may have been a forgotten time period…The company was in perhaps its lowest point…Financially, creatively, the company was suffering – how did WWE survive? Now hear from the Superstars and the executives, as they tell you what it took to bring the WWE out of the doldrums of the early ’90s, into the greatest successful time period in WWE history.

John Cena: Behind the Mic
Cena talks about how he became great at promos, who has helped him, some of his favorites and some that “went awry”.

Masters of the Mic
Countdown of the top 25 talkers in sports entertainment history with a look at some of their best work. Disc 2 and 3 would feature memorable promos from the top 25.

Lex Luger
Documentary looking at his life.

Out of the Darkness – Two Decades of Kane
An out of character documentary on Glenn Jacobs, the man known as Kane. The Kane character has been on WWE TV since 1997, though Glenn has been wrestling long before then. For the first time ever, Glenn sits down to discuss his childhood, early wrestling career, unsuccessful characters (Issac Yankem) before eventually debuting as the Undertaker’s half-brother Kane. Glenn talks about some of the challenges of keeping that character fresh over the years and why he made some of the creative decisions he did. Also get a glimpse into his home life, his politics, and get a brand new look at the future Hall of Famer.

Alberto Del Rio
Documentary on growing up in a famous family, his amateur days and what it means to be in WWE.

The True Story of SummerSlam
SummerSlam turns 30 in 2017 and this looks at some of the stories behind the greatest SummerSlam matches.

Looks at the career of “arguably WCW’s biggest superstar of the Monday Night War era”. Goldberg discusses his career for the first time ever.

NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 2

Stephanie McMahon (Documentary)

Vince vs. Bischoff (Rivalries sit-down interview)

Dreamer vs. Raven (Rivalries sit-down interview)

Taz vs. Sabu (Rivalries sit-down interview)

CM Punk (Compilation)

The New Day (Compilation)

Unreleased Matches 1986-1995

The History of WWE (Box Set, year-by-year)

Bruno Sammartino (Documentary)

Best of 1997: 20th Anniversary

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In addition to the above titles, WWE are also gauging fan interest in seeing the following WWE Network shows released physically on DVD/Blu-ray: Legends with JBL, The Stone Cold Podcast, Table for 3, Countdown, WrestleMania Rewind, Swerved, and Rivalries.

Joey Styles tweeted the following:

Austing Creed’s PAXAMANIA II appearance at PAX East 2016 — Expansion Pack