On this week’s edition of the FTPW Podcast, Garvin is joined by Joe and Nick to rundown this Sunday’s Extreme Rules. They discuss whether it’s a fact that Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will still be the tag team champions or is a new day upon us? And is it time for the Swiss Superman to get back in the swing of singles competition?

Is there bad news ahead for Daniel Bryan as it relates to the Intercontinental title? What should be WWE’s next step for the mid-card title? Do they find a link that will have the Bulgarian brute overcome the patriot John Cena and should the 80s nostalgia bring an Iron Curtain instead of a steel chain?

Is it time for Naomi to become the new Divas champion?

How do they feel about Dean Ambrose versus Luke Harper in a Chicago Street fight do they think it’s on the lunatic fringe?

Will Sheamus make an ass out of the Show Off in Chicago?

Plus they discuss whether The Demon Kane will be The Gatekeeper for the championship and the Authority in the match between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. Will The Director of Operations play a factor in the Viper winning the WWE title once again?

All this and more on this edition of FTPW Podcast