On this week’s edition of the Fans Talk Pro Wrestling Podcast, Garvin along with Nick and Joe give their predictions for this week’s WWE Payback pay-per-view. Are they fans of the new mega powers? Will they ascend past their comedy roots to be something more substantial? Or is it time for Konnor and Viktor to make the tag team division their wasteland?

Will Neville defeat Wade Barrett to go to new heights and possibly gold? Or will the maniacal monarch establish himself a true dominant force? Is it A New Day in the tag team division? Is it a fact that Two Out Of Three Falls will be amazing?

Has Dolph lost his mojo and been turned into a part of a motley crew. Can he get any semblance of revenge against the bully Sheamus? And do the fans even care About The Show Off?

Will the I Quit match really be the final encounter between John Cena and The Bulgarian Brute? Will Lana throw in the towel on her super athlete and go for another? What’s the future of the US title?

Will Seth Rollins come out of the Fatal Four Way as WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

They discuss Daniel Bryan’s injury having to forfeit the Intercontinental title. Is It time for the American Dragon to hang up the boots?

We hear their thoughts on Billy Corgan in TNA. What creative changes do they want to be made?

And they give their thoughts on the Global Force Wrestling roster.

All this and more on this edition of the Fans Talk Wrestling Podcast

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