On this week’s edition of FTPW, Garvin with Joe and Nick discuss their thoughts leading into Sunday’s Elimination Chamber.

Do they feel that Daniel Bryan should be back on TV being interviewed by the Miz? Or should he stay away until he’s ready to return? Is it a carrot on a pig situation?

They look at what Neville has done since his debut on the main roster. Do they think revisiting Bo Dallas and their rivalry will help him defy gravity on the mid-card?

What are their thoughts regarding the three-way feud in the division? Will it be an all-out four-way fray for the butterfly belt? Will Paige prove that this is her house in Corpus Christi or is it time for Naomi to finally shine?

They talk logistics of the tag team Elimination Chamber and whether there would’ve been room for other teams in Satan’s Structure. Will there be a New Day in tag team wrestling following this Sunday?

Who do they think will come out Intercontinental champion? Will the King get his crown jewel. Will Ryback’s hunger consume the Elimination Chamber? Do they see the Bulgarian brute overcoming his issues with Lana to gain more gold? And will the Show Off pay the ultimate price for his transgressions with two rivals and the Chamber? Will Sheamus find the luck of the Irish? Does R-Truth even have a shot in hell? And can they come out of it unscathed?

Will Kevin Owens KO John Cena on pay-per-view or will it be a match to hustle loyalty and respect from the NXT faithful. Could we see a top contender cause Owens the loss to build up a future storyline? With the amount of enemies mounting against Owens who could that be?

And does anyone believe that Dean Ambrose will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? And are they on the Lunatic Fringe if they do?

Plus they give their thoughts on this past week’s NXT Takeover and whether it with the best one yet. What do they think of Becky Lynch and her new look? Did WWE take main event entrance cues from TNA? And was Samoa Joe’s debut really all that special?

All this and more on this edition of FTPW.

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