On this edition of the FTPW, Garvin and Nick are joined by Squared Circle of Trust Member Sean Walton decide whether Raw was worth talking about. Is the Divas television just NXT light? And what are their predictions for Night of Champions?

Who do they think will be joining Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against the Wyatt family? Will it be somebody on the current roster? Or is it time for the NXT generation to fight the Faces of Fear? Will the fight a monster with the monster? Or can they get the perfect man to say yes the fans want to see wrestle again.

Is it time for their the cosmic wasteland to get a sense of altitude against the highflying trio on the preshow? Is it time for the show off to go off on his own away from The Ravishing Russian? Is it time for the tag team division to get a new dimension with the Dudley Boyz? Will Charlotte proved to be the woman against Nikki Bella in Houston? And what are Seth Rollins your chances coming out of this Sunday?

All this and more on this edition of FTPW

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