On this edition of FTW, Garvin returns along with Joe and Nick to discuss the reactions to WWE SummerSlam. Was it something to be celebrated or was the biggest party of the summer a bust? What were the blockbusters brought to Hollywood? Is there an ax to grind with what the Lumberjack match? Was there twin magic in the in ring return of Stephanie McMahon? And did the guys enjoy the domination in the main event of Brock Lesnar to John Cena? Hear all their thoughts on the pay-per-view…

There is also a new WWE Championship Belt. What are their thoughts on the new symbol of excellence in sports entertainment? Does it still need some improvement?

Plus, the guys discuss the possibility of Bully Ray leaving Impact Wrestling. Is it possible? Does he still have something to bring to the table? How would this affect TNA? All this and more on this weeks edition of the FTW Podcast.

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