On this weeks edition of the FTW podcast, Joe is joined by Nick, Garvin and a returning Harrison as they give the reactions to this past Sunday’s Night of Champions.

They discuss the fallout from Monday’s Raw and whether WWE has everything in place to continue on without Roman Reigns. Should Rollins and Ambrose battle it out inside Satan’s structure next month at Hell in a Cell alongside Brock Lesnar and John Cena? Are they okay with Total Divas storylines crossover on WWE TV? What’s the future of the women’s division going forward and is Paige versus AJ starting to lose steam? And is WWE’s real competition not TNA, but NXT?

Speaking of TNA, the guys discuss the possibilities of Josh Matthews coming into the company. They give their thoughts on TNA’s latest episode, was there No Surrender from Dixie and company this past Monday? Was it too soon for Havok to climb the mountain? Did the company cross the line with Kenny King insulting Chris Melendez? Or was it good heel heat? Is there more to the Sam Shaw-Gunner relationship than meets the eye? And what are everybody’s thoughts on the transformation of Manik. All this and more on this edition of FTW

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