On this week’s edition of FTW, Nick and Garvin discuss the latest with WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania 31? Is it written in the stars that the brothers Rhodes will be going one-on-one? Are the Miz and Damien Sandow being featured players in this year’s festivities? And are the Ascension rising in the eyes of WWE management? And what about The Fast Lane given to Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan?

Is the mask of Eric Rowan coming down and showing the great performer passing Luke Harper by? Is WWE’s use of Curtis Axel less-than-perfect in regards to tying up loose ends?

Plus, they give their thoughts on Stone cold’s sitdown with the COO. Was it what was best for business? Is the reality era really a thing?

They preview TNA’s Lockdown and discuss whether they are on the fence of the all cage extravaganza. Who do they think can unlock that performance that will go over-the-top. Are they with Spud? All this and more on this edition of the FTW Podcast

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