On this edition of the Fans Talk Wrestling, Garvin along with Harrison and Nick play the second annual Wrestlemania board game with James from BotchedSpot.com as they preview this Sunday’s Grandest Stage of Them All.

Can the tag team division has a whole join the Brass Ring Club and make a memorable impression on the preshow? And have Los Matadors come out of nowhere like a bull in a china shop considered legitimate threats to the tag team title? And it’s a new day for Kofi but is the boom boom out of range for he and Big E? What about the status of the Usos?

Who has the arm bar on The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Will there be surprises? Will an NXT talent arrive and take over in the multi-man melee?

Will WWE give divas a chance to showcase what they can do? And how does Total Divas factor into the contest?

Does Bray Wyatt have a chance to be the new face of fear when in Levi’s Stadium he will have finding his dark side? Or is he a sacrificial lamb to resurrect the spirit of the Deadman?

Is Seth Rollins in a position to cash in on his success over the past year or is the Architect building to something else?

Will John Cena overcome the Russian menace bringing glory back to the US title? Or will this place the Bulgarian brute on a firm place at the top of the card? And will Lana be returning to his side?

Who will be able to climb the ladder and be the new Intercontinental champion? Can the yes movement bring prestige back to the mid-card title?

Does Sting have a chance at bat against the COO of WWE Triple H in his Wrestlemania debut? Would WWE really take a sledgehammer to the WCW icons legacy? Can these two make a Wrestlemania moment?

And with Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE, does that mean Roman Reigns can and will overcome The Beast Incarnate at Wrestlemania 31 or is it Eat Sleep, Conquer, Repeat for the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

All this and so much more on this edition of the Fans Talk Wrestling podcast

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