Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle father storyline is suppose to be a major storyline over the next few months and will see Jordan pushed in a solid mid-card role. They also report there is no plan to move Chad Gable over to Raw which puts an end for now of American Alpha.

Classic’s Take – Even though I’m upset over the loss of one of my favorite tag teams in the end it might be best. WWE tag teams only have a certain shelf life for the most part so splitting the two now may help jump start their singles career. Of course Jordan should get a nice push depending how well the storyline is accepted by the fans and Gable has had a couple really good single matches on Smackdown the past few weeks with AJ Styles putting him over on Twitter. I think this is the best thing that could happen to the two after not being focused on as a tag team since early April.

Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle Storyline Will Be Lengthy, Chad Gable Staying on SmackDown

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