– Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & EC3 defeated Marufuji, Eddie Edwards & Moose

– Super X Cup
Taiji Ishimori defeated Davey Richards

– Lashley says he is not impressed with guys asking for title shots, and if anyone gets in his way he will break them in half. Lashley says he wants his title match at Destination X and calls out Bruce Prichard to make it official. Bruce comes out and says he made a decision on this last week, and Lashley did deserve his rightful title shot. Matt Sydal comes out but Lashley ignores him initially, but then tries to spear him only to have Sydal knee him in the face and hit a Shooting Star Press.

– Knockouts Championship (Last Knockout Standing)
Sienna defeated Rosemary to retain

– Octagoncito defeated Trevor Lee via countout
Lee came out and said he scoured the globe and found the King Of Mexico. Lee ended up running through the crowd after Sonjay Dutt came out and tried to get his title back.

– Grado comes out and time is apparently running out on his visa, and Jeremy Borash asks the crowd to convince Laurel Van Ness to marry him to stay. Grado calls Laurel to the ring and proposes to her, then Braxton Sutter comes out before taking Allie backstage and Kongo Kong runs out and scares Grado and Joseph Park away.

– Xplosion
El Hijo de Dos Caras defeated Mario Bokara

– Super X Cup
Dezmond Xavier defeated Drago

Mumbai Cat defeated Trevor Lee
– Mumbai Cat unmasked and revealed himself to be Sonjay Dutt, who challenged Lee to a ladder match at Destination X on August 17th.

– Eddie Edwards vs Eli Drake ends in a no contest
Kongo Kong destroyed Edwards backstage and the match never happened

– Grand Championship
EC3 defeated Moose to win the title via split decision
EC3 won round 1, Moose won round 2. Round 3 was scored as a tie by judges Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantell, and Bruce Prichard broke the tie with a 10-8 decision in favor of EC3.

– Alberto El Patron defeated LAX in a gauntlet match
Alberto defeated Homicide, then Ortiz, and won by DQ over Santana when LAX attacked. Dos Caras and the Veterans Of War ran out for the save.

GFW Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From 7/5 *Spoilers*